Top 10 Games to Augment Your Education

From the feature article:

"I hate to break it to everyone who had the luxury of enjoying a Christmas Break whether they’re being educated at the elementary, secondary or collegiate level, but fun time is over and both Christmas and New Year’s is nothing more than a distant dream. I know that’s hard to swallow as you read this amidst a lecture or lab that is probably only slightly less fun than watching a blade of grass attempt to grow under a snowy wasteland, but no one ever said I had to sugarcoat the truth. Never fear though, there’s something that will not only help you pass the latest semester along, but you might even learn something, incorporate it into a project and receive the loving adoration of your teacher amidst the quiet respect of gamers from here to the cafeteria."

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UltimaEnder3796d ago

I would have failed the automobile course, bad....

LaurenKB1233796d ago

No PE as Madden? I would not have made it through that class in high school....

mightyboot3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I learned alot with the MGS games about politics, war history ,weaponery and military tech.
Thanks Kojima :) (MGS Database exists to prove it)

Since the original Gran Turismo i also learned alot of stuff about automobiles in general since the games always took a very realistic aproach.