Game Dames Episode 2: Your Mom Doesn't Hate This

Game Dames:

"This time on the show, Leala and Dana take on some news including the Nintendo 3DS and the Dead Space 2 “Your Mom Hates” commercials. We also discuss the sometimes confusing state of MMO betas and our thoughts on the coolest commander in the galaxy, female Shepard from Mass Effect. We answer some listener questions about mobile gaming and women in the gaming industry as well as talking about what we’ve been playing lately. Thanks for listening and you can always contact us via email at gamedamespodcast(at) or on twitter @gamedames. Music in the episode provided by Museum Creatures."

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EddyD2822d ago

Good to see the podcast on here!

Heart1lly2822d ago

Thanks! We had a lot of fun recording it!