PSP2 announced, but will there be PSP2Go?

Remember that leaked blurry photos (see below the article) of supposed PSP2? Everyone thought it’s the upcoming PSP successor, but design of the presented PSP2/NGP is similar to PSP1, differently from device in the leaked photo, which had slide-design similar to PSPGo.

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Wizziokid2822d ago

doubt it since the first go was a flop, they will likely stick with the NPG then maybe bring out a smaller version if anything.

deafwing2822d ago

sony is going to screw themselves in sales with this

there's too much brand confusion going about

psp phone
and now you want pspGo

Sony, how about you just put out one device that does it all ... this is nuts ... and on top of it all, each go for more than 300$ ... man ... f dat

nsnsmj2822d ago

Not really.

The phone is actually called the Xperia Play. It's their own Playstation Suite phone. Nothing more, nothing less. The PSPgo-like PSP2 is actually a prototype. The design was scrapped because of overheating.

tdogg060519912822d ago

Because that sounds like a cracked up fast food item

HolyOrangeCows2822d ago

"psp phone"

It is NOT called "PSP Phone"!! It's the Sony Ericson Xperia (Something like that), and it has PSP1 controls.

And offering multiple SKUs doesn't "confuse" the customer.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Confusion for the ignorants and trolls who wants to stay in confusion.

NiKK_4192822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

umm, did anyone even think about this? if it was like the pspgo, the back touchpad wouldn't line up with the one on the front, so i don't think they will do that.

DatNJDom812821d ago

I hope so. I love my PSPGO. Last longer than a regular PSP, no UMD (that's great for me since I travel a lot). It also has an hdmi output which let's me play the games on my TV. Hate to break it to you PSPGo haters out there, but PSPGo is the base idea which all handhelds are going to be shooting for in the future. I'm personally going to wait for a PSP2Go with 4G connection. I just hope Sony releases all their games on PSN, so we can have the option of downloading, which I believe they are with NGP.

deafwing2821d ago

oh okay thanks for clarification guys
I was about to say
sadly I'm still not getting any of this,
I totally neglected my psp
perhaps if it links to my home system then I will purchase it ... but in my book it cost too much (right now at least)

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hay2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

PSPgo was an experiment. Sony's just making more risk than competition but if it was different I'm not sure if Playstation brand would exist at all.
It's what makes them best in this industry.

egidem2822d ago

PSP2Go...that sounds like a nice delicious fast food that is going to be awesome anyway.

StbI9902822d ago

Just like nintendo stated with the 3DS further revision (not being an actual one in plan), doubting the NGP fallowing the same and ditching the different revision for the BEST.

Also, who would ditch this horney sexy ass handheld? haven't traded my first gen psp and won't be doing so for this one as well.

Peppino72822d ago

PspGo was a test for all digital format with a great design. They might do a psp2 slim with slide screen which would be sick too. But the psp2 is already a beast.

Theonik2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

There will undoubtedly be a slider version as that was the original intention. No download only variant however, no reason to make one with the flash cards. And if the Go has taught them anything it's that the world isn't 100% ready to abandon physical media yet.
From a design perspective the GO was a beast of a handheld.

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Warprincess1162822d ago

That pic was probably a prototype model. i seriously doubt sony gone to release the psp-go 2. It was a failure. Probably they would release the psp go model as a redesign but it would still have sd slots and stuff.

crzyjackbauer2822d ago

i hope they do
the psp2 or NPG looks fugly
the prototype model looks way better imo

FrankMcSpank2822d ago

The NGP does what the PSPgo did. Are all the retards coming out of their holes to write all these stupid article on the NGP/PSP2?

SnakeMustDie2822d ago

There might be a NGP3D sku in the future that runs NGP games on glassless 3D.

StbI9902822d ago

Doubtful, nintendo already stated both tech CANNOT be in the same screen (touch + 3D), 'd love to know tho how anyone would play a ame in 3D while using the touch screen ^.^, in short, no chance.

Sneak-Out2822d ago

i think no, the NGP contains all features of a PSP and PSPgo in one

mightyboot2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

UMD reader?

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