A Civilization V Player's War Journal

Civilization V is an amazing game, but it’s also very dangerous. Not only does it consume copious amounts of time, but it warps your perception of reality and history. The following is an account of one individual’s plummet deep into the rabbit hole. Their name has been removed from this journal for their own safety.

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Mattstones2872d ago

Excellent read! Enjoyed it to the end!

Shani2871d ago

Nice read.
I guess I should start keeping my records of 7-8+ hours of Civ 5 gaming.
Also this reminds me to let the developers know that It is "Gandhi" not "Ghandi".

TWIXMIX2871d ago

Thanks for checking it out! I recommend keeping records. It really helps you keep track of the insane things that happen in that game. haha