Gamestop Now Taking Sony NGP Pre-Orders for $299 with $50 Deposit

RipTen: "A source at Gamestop has confirmed that they are now taking pre-orders for the Sony NGP (PSP 2) with a $50 deposit. However, what is more interesting is the price."

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Drjft2818d ago

Wish we had a Gamestop in Australia!

gamesR4fun2818d ago

3 bills thats crazy good

cant wait gonna pre order aftr work XD

SpitFireAce852818d ago

Its like saying i wish Bobby Kotick cared
about gamers...not going to happen..

HolyOrangeCows2818d ago!

I'd go for it at $300.

HappyGaming2817d ago

5 inch OLED
2 cameras
2 touch pads
six axis
quad core CPU?

If it was a phone or a tablet it would cost at list $500 with those specs.

They will probably sell at a loss again and make their money back from software sales.

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Thrillhouse2818d ago

I'm pretty sure EB Games is the Gamespot branch in Australia.

Kewl_Kat2818d ago

it's also called eb games here in canada. but when you look it up online, it would direct you to gamestop

socomnick2818d ago

300 is quite reasonable I'd pick one up for 300 once it was jailbroken.

300 - wifi version
350 - 3g version

that seems about right.

then again it could be way more expensive.

silvacrest2818d ago

$50 more just for 3G??

heres to hoping your wrong

norman292818d ago

socomnick your an absolute dick my friend

Rainstorm812818d ago

At $300 its a first day buy, if that is the true price its gonna sell out, better get your pre-orders in

plb2818d ago

Likely wont come out till early next year in US. First place will be Japan holiday 2011. still some time.

WhiteNoise2818d ago

we do, it's called EB games.

EB games is gamestop, it is owned and run by them, it's just a sub company, they also have EB games in America too though.

Anyone with half a brain knows you don't shop there anyway because they charge way too much for games and generally suck scrotum.

Go to JB hifi or my own fav.

It's a small site but their games are waaaaaaaay cheaper than everywhere else.

Dead SPace 2 on PC at EB= $88

Dead Space 2 from incl free shipping= $55...

Pedobear Rocks2818d ago

You say they charge too much for games but suck scrotum...sounds like good customer service too me.

Drjft2818d ago

I get all my games free through what I do for work anyway so yeah, more wish we had GameSpot because of their prices.

EB Games charged $110 for Halo: Reach (Standard Edition) whilst Gamestop was charging $50 USD when the AUS/USD was at 100% parity...


Normally, what are the prices of games in Australia?

Hairy Chewie2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

AU$110 for console games generally. I did manage to pick up GT5 for $98 at EB day 1 though. Thought that was an improvement.

WhiteNoise2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

@Hairy Chewie

You should shop at if you insist on buying them at top dollar.

Game the retail store is usually no cheaper than EB games ( eb games online store has the same prices as their retail store ) but game's online store has all their games for $10 cheaper than their retail stores.

Only suckers pay extra to deal with the morons at the counter.

if you reeeeeally want to get dangerous, shop with the little guys and try

GT5 is $67

i challenge you to find a cheaper price

Here is little big planet 2 for $70, that's $30 cheaper than just about everywhere else.

They are hit or miss though with pricing, a lot of the time it's cheap but sometimes it's the same as other places BUT the prices drop at really fast.

You can check back every week and it will literally have dropped $5 a week every week or thereabouts.

NnT32912818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Normally $89-99 for new release 360/ps3 games, a bit cheaper for PC games.

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NnT32912818d ago

the only good places to buy games here are Jb hifi and Eb. I want more choices.

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showtimefolks2818d ago

if this thing is 299 watch out any console handheld or not

now i can not wait for E3 or when is GDC sony needs to show uncharted and confirm is for launch i was listening to invisibles walls on GT and everyone of them said uncharted will be a killer app for psp2

also make sure 3rd party is 100$% behind this and keep the piracy away from this

arika2818d ago

its also up for preorder at SEARS. check it out.

Nathaniel_Drake2818d ago

That's only a place holder price right?

kwicksandz2818d ago

we do.

EB games = gamestop

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Sigmarue2818d ago

Soooo... they won't be coming in purple then? D:

Invadersims2818d ago

I might preorder this actually.

Kreyg2818d ago

Wow, only $299? That seems a lot more reasonable than the $999.99 that the interwebs blew out of proportion the other day. I think I might go make a deposit tomorrow and put down $20 every 2 weeks until I'm paid off

CrzyFooL2818d ago

They list everything at $999 til it has an actual price people are dumb

Hitman07692818d ago

299 is deal, 999 is also deal, NGP is too sick.

Half-Mafia2818d ago

if u pre-order at $299 can GameStop change that price?

eggbert2818d ago

yes, but you aren't forced to buy it. Like if you put $150 towards it, and the real price is $400, you can take your $150 back.

Dasteru2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Legally no, in both the U.S and canada once you have confirmed a purchase and or payed any amount of money towards the product they cant change the price but they probably will try anyway. big name companies usually don't care about the law unless its someone else breaking it and adversely effecting them.

@Pedobear rocks, yes but the pre-order money automatically goes towards payment of the product once the store has it in stock which make it a legal payment. technically if they get wind of the real price of the product before it actually launches then they could change the price but once it is in there stock the pre-order money becomes a payment towards the product.

Pedobear Rocks2818d ago

At are paying for a pre-order..not the product...techicality but it allows you to skirt that law.

Kreyg2818d ago

Depends, they usually write in policies to protect them. Remember that whole $40 PS3 a few weeks back? Target has a policy that made it so they didn't have to honor that price.

Dasteru2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

@Kreyg, It doesn't work that way, federal law supersedes any company policy. A company cannot write whatever they please in a policy and expect to get away with violating business practice & consumer rights laws.

If Target did refuse to honor that deal then technically they could be sued for the full MSRP of a new PS3, as well as reported for false advertising.


Unless it was a real mistake, which in Target case it obviously was.

For this gamestop deal I would simply recomend to read everything that appear on your screen if they had anything about price changing in the product page and everything after you clicked on pre-order, usually you would have to agree on that before paying anything... Even better, go to a store that is taking pre-orders and ask there.

In case they do have price changing in mind, I say wait for price confirmation on E3 or whatever. We always get to know the price before the release of new hardware with more than enough time left to pre-order, no need to rush, NGP won't anywhere before holiday season.

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tigresa2818d ago

Mehhh I don't know, not sold yet on it. :S

femshep2818d ago

on ps3 only after Catherine comes out in US =D