Fatal Frame 2 - The Best 3DS Game Announced?

Last weeks Amsterdam-fuelled splurge of 3DS annoucments and coverage left me a little cold. I’m sure the 3D is pretty good and hey, it’s a new piece of Nintendo hardware so that’s awesome right? The problem comes from the software and there’s not one game annouced for the UK that makes me want to run out and splash £200+ on a new DS system.

Until now.

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Pozzle2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

So how about a NGP version too? :O

Or, y'know, any Fatal Frame game for the NGP.

Deathstroke2822d ago

If you want to play it then buy a 3DS. I feel like NGP users are going to be like the 360 users; begging for games.

Yes_22822d ago

Because it's so easy to buy multiple new consoles, right? /facepalm

Yes_22822d ago

Or any Fatal Frame games for any Playstation console.
Bring the series back home, Tecmo.;(

RaymondM2822d ago

holy crap, Fatal Frame 2 is awesome. This has officially knocked Ocarina of Time out of the #1 spot of most anticipated on the 3DS

VenomProject2822d ago

Grr...I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a 3DS now. Not for that lame 3D fad though, I want me some MGS3 and Fatal Frame 2 on the go!

Venox20082822d ago

Where did people found this info that it's for 3DS? I saw trailer where was this Fatal Frame and Rhythm tengoku and THEY WERE ON WII!!!