5 insanely frightening games you need to play over Halloween

Looking for some frightening games to play over Halloween? Well, we rounded up five of our favorites here.

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Minute Man 721830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

House if the Dead 3 + HotD Overkill + PS3 & PS Move =😎

Not "frightening" but fun.

SullysCigar830d ago

RE7 VR. I'm getting impatient for the RE8 VR reveal!

I also wish they'd hurry up and officially announce/patch Alien Isolation for VR.

TallDarknWavy829d ago

Honestly, nothing was better designed for sheer psychological horror than the PT demo.
I really hope I can transfer it to PS5.

Sirk7x829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

Fatal Frame! If anyone ever gets the chance, there was a remake of II on the Wii. I suggest a modded Wii/U, or emulator. That, and Fatal Frame 4, are two of the scariest games ever made, hands down. Like "F this, why am I even playing this" scary.