New Site Teases A 'Tekken' Title

DamnLag - "A new Namco Bandai teaser site is up and running. What it’s teasing is still a bit unknown, but that sure does look like the “T” from the Tekken logo being obscured by some weird graffiti smudges. Well, that and the you can see parts of the word “Tekken” smeared here and there in the logo as well. Could Namco Bandai really be adding a third Tekken game to their plate?"

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Dragun6192820d ago

From the looks NamcoBadai site & Twitter teasing, I'm guessing Feb. 2nd, Namcobandai is gonna announce a lot of titles.

Tekken Tag 2 for consoles, Officially announce Soul Caliber 5,
Tales of Graces F Western release, and some Pacman title.

I think This would be a really good apology towards us gamers especially if they finally release Graces F here in the states.

SupahJ2820d ago

Well if it ends up being Tekken 7 then hopefully they undo the horrible crap they did with Tekken 6. By which I mean Lars, the terrible online, and the stupid rage mode.

SkyCrawler2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

The only problem I've had with Tekken 6 is the use infinite moves like Ganryu's down chop, or king's low kick. And sometimes maybe how it took you 2 mins to recover from a wall hit. Other than that Tekken 6 wasn't that bad of a game. Sure they are things that needed to be worked out.

Edit:Ok I admit the bounce system threw me off too a little >.> (lol) Actually I've just heard they're tweaking it in TTT2. So that gives me hope.

Redempteur2819d ago

Lars isn't such a problem ...however bad online and long loading times are IMO ...

first thing they should correct in Tekken ...

sonyrep172819d ago

ino that mode with guns ruined it

DRiX2819d ago

Tekken 7, TxSF or TTT2.

I'm least excited for T7.

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