NGP features two proprietary card slots for memory storage, games

The NGP's memory storage capabilities are puzzlingly absent from the hardware specifications released by Sony today.

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Staude2820d ago

They already stated it would have 16 gigs of onboard memory. Ofcourse that's likely the more expensive 3g version of the machine. :) 16 gigs should be good. I wouldn't mind a 32 gig version though.

Undeadwolfy2820d ago

@above, can I have a link please where they stated that?

Anarki2820d ago

I don't recall them saying how much memory it will have either.. But 16gb isn't all that much...

livinwitbias2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

That stupid proprietary memory card is once again going to be the downfall of yet another Sony device.

I don't know why Sony keeps doing this shit, they are always creating some new bullshit form of memory card so that can charge out the ass for it.

What was wrong with a standard SD or Micro-SD card.

kneon2820d ago

That stupid proprietary memory card can mostly be blamed on the hackers. They are just making it all the more difficult for people to muck with the device.

NiKK_4192820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

why the hell would you think they WOULDN'T have a proprietary storage medium FOR THE GAMES? every system in history (i think) has had a proprietary storage medium for putting the games on. ds...proprietary, every gameboy...proprietary, psp...proprietary, even cds are proprietary, they're not just an ordinary cd or dvd with a game just copy and pasted on it. what a stupid thing to say, it's not like they won't have a spot for a memory card. it's for security dude, and i'm happy they did it too, i don't want this thing hacked and ruined

@DaCajun it's not even the memory card they're cryin about, it's what they use to put the games on, lol the memory card will be something universal most likely (and yes sony ms is almost as universal as sd card)

DaCajun2820d ago

So do you people cry about the DS which does the same thing, they use their own proprietary memory card. The DS seems to do just fine. If they didn't someone could buy one and just copy it to all their friends SD cards. So stop crying you wanna be pirate and support the devs buy buying their games and not pirating you degenerates. How would you like to go to work and not get paid for all the work you do? I bet you wouldn't like that, oh wait you probably don't even work, just leach off society.

ThanatosDMC2820d ago

I want 64gb built in. I mean, my ipod touch has it... so why not?

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StbI9902820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Rumors stated it, also the pspgo does have that amount of, why woldn't the NGP?...

3G is a good deal-breaker to get some gaming market-share from the iphone(1 to 10 dollars games, infinity blade and etc), and obviously need an amount of inboard memory to go along with (Obvious assumption) also again, we are in 2011...and people still doubting this sht won't carry any-thing around what it's suppose to?...oh you

visualb2820d ago

Im interested in this product, since I been aching to get a PSP

but...I don't want to pay more than 200 - 250 =|

rezzah2820d ago

The original psp was 300 on arrival so your must likely gona have to wait this one out. After about 6 months theyll maybe lower it to 280 or maybe it was 270 for the psp. Thats when I bought mine.

gamingisnotacrime2820d ago

i will just buy it day one, Premium products have premium prices

StbI9902820d ago

Sony will sell it at a loss I believe, like they always do since the very psp.

3G-less = 300/50
3G = 400

would even pay for this five tAwNsand LOL.

Kon2820d ago

It is crazy to sell it for 400.

skrug2820d ago


ipad sells for 500/600...

64gb ipod touch is 400...

visualb2820d ago

@ skrug

I agree small portable storage and 3G is expensive but...

don't use Apple pricing as a reference...they are retarded

TheFact0032820d ago

@visualb, ask yourself this question instead of saying Apple is retarded: Is Apple retarded to price their products or are the people?

visualb2819d ago

oh apple ain't retarded.

hell I love their Mac books

but their pricing for iPhones and iPads are retarded...

skrug2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )


yet people eat it up..

Most apple product is overpriced for what you get (IMO)

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gamingdroid2820d ago

I hope it isn't proprietary memory slots again.

Sony really did gamers a favor by allowing third party off-the-shelf notebook hard drives for the PS3. Gotta give them props for that!

sashimi2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Last time i checked i could just buy a Sandisk/Lexar/whatever brand of memory stick for the psp so i don't know wtf you are talking about.

DarkBlood2820d ago

maybe he means like the 360 only reading certain hardrives coded im assuming thus making a mem stick being coded meaning u have to buy a certain..... you know what im confused too lol though i understand a lil bit

Pedobear Rocks2820d ago

I'd imagine one slot would be proprietary for game sticks and the other would accept memstick or sd for content/game saves etc.

StbI9902820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Propietary > Piracy...just look at the commenter below me.

@ Mista T...128 fcking GB for a memory card? HOLY FUCK-DEUMmm, I believe card are gonna be the future now, no more scratching disk, loading time, consoles's lectors breaking, no yellow or red damn eyes of the death ^.^, pleasae ps4, or nintendo, make this a reality.


Pedobear Rocks2820d ago

How would this be different than any other game cartridge that has existed for the last 30 years...they are all proprietary....I'm imagining the 2nd slot would be for 'common' flash cards for game saves/photo/video of your own creation.

nevin12820d ago

so I can or can't use my ScanDisk memory sticks or not?

blumatt2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Yes you'll use it to play games you buy from PSN and to store music and movies to listen and watch on the PSP2. The games you buy in stores will just likely be on an oddly shaped proprietary flash-based card so people can't easily copy and steal games.

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