Insidesiracing Review: Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2

ISR reviews the new Fanatec GT2 wheel. It receives ISR's highest rating yet for a console compatible wheel.

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LOL 89.75/10 they should of added 89.94697239060/10

N4WAH2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Did you watch the review or are you familiar with ISR and how they review product? They are extremely thorough and have a wide rating scale. An 80 from them is like a 90 from other sites. This is basically an amazing wheel but these guys are extremely critical.

If you watch the review you will notice this is the highest rating they have ever given a wheel. That in itself says it all to the quality of this product an how seriously these guys take their reviews.

They still haven't released their full review for GT5. They want to make sure all of their staff complete the game before giving it a review. It's a shame most other sites don't take reviews as seriously. If you are a fan of racin games this is the site to go to for opinions. These guys are honest to a fault and don't show favoritism of any kind. Even their sponsers.

aaaaaaaaa2873d ago

finally a decent wheel for the 360

Boody-Bandit2873d ago

Well the Porsche 911 S has been out for nearly 2 years and it's nearly as good as the GT2 on the 360. I played an completed a ton of racers on the 360 with that wheel but the GT2 is definitely a step above the 911 S.

The GT2 is fantastic and currently my favorite wheel. I am still waiting on the Trustmaster T500 RS though. Pre ordered one but no word on when it will ship. But that wheel only works for the PS3 and PC.

aaaaaaaaa2873d ago

I never liked the Porsche 911 S so i got the G27 for the PC now im considering getting rid of it for the GT2 because of its compatibility with all systems and it does look good.