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djtek1842821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

looking good, now lets see some game play

Istanbull2821d ago

Looks great, I always love Platinum games. Hope they make an Ôkami-like game. I heard most of the devs came from Clover studio wich made Ôkami?

Godmars2902821d ago

I get a Street Fighter vibe from this. Like its what a modern fighter should have been, not SSFIV.

Burning_Finger2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

meh. Looks like a gears of war rip-off.

Burning_Finger2821d ago


Parapraxis2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Haha, love it man.

I expect the lead character from Vanquish and Bayonetta (was she in that teaser?) to be in this game as well.
The idea of an online MMO melee game has piqued my interest, can't wait for more details.

bacrec12821d ago

Platinum has been on a roll.

stuntman_mike2821d ago

this is looking like Madworld for ps3 and 360 which is a good thing as i thought madworld was an excellent game that not a lot of people got to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.