TERA: Locations as Characters

"GameZone has partnered up with En Masse Entertainment to provide to you an exclusive behind the scenes look at the upcoming MMORPG TERA. Each and every month you can expect to find the latest installment that delves into the development, creation, writing, art, design and much more up until the launch." - GameZone

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simo_82825d ago

Game looks interesting... will have to try it out before I can give my thoughts.

athmaus2825d ago

cant wiat to try this game

jenle332825d ago

Looks interesting! I love the graphics. Would love to give the game a try!

Chronorayven2825d ago

Graphics are amazing although probably can't run it though. :(

TomFG2824d ago

The game does look gorgeous. Well done to the team behind the locations, they're stunning.

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