What you need to know about NGP so far

It’s finally here, Playstation Portable 2 is now codenamed NGP. (Next-Generation Portable) During Sony’s Tokyo Conference 2011, they unveiled finally NGP. This device will change portable gaming forever

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StbI9902822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

A powerful handheld equiped with the hottest tech around "for the while" which clocked can run up to 2GHZ of powerhouse and easily to program to with hopingly 1GB of ram (512 more likely) priced at 350/400 wifi/3g (looking like a sure 500 if 1GB ram plus 16GB internal capacity comes along.

Anyway, power won't do shit if there ain't game and looking at how thing are shaping up, I expect kingdom heart 3 landing on this machine LOL, sry wii or chance

pain777pas2822d ago

When you consider the PSP with 32mb or 64mb of RAM we are looking at a considerable leap for a handheld here people. SSF4 arcade version with Yung, Yang, Shin Akuma and Evil Ryu incoming at E3. You read it here first. MK with extra characters incoming for the launch of NGP. You read it here first. Loco Roco without buttons incoming you heard it here first. Yes the NGP will be the best system we have seen since the.... 3DS. LOL!!!!!!! So hyped for this thing but the BC to original PSP off PSN is great. GT PSP, RR, SFA3 and GOWs FTW. Game on!

Samus HD2822d ago

don't we have this on ps3 ??
why on psp2 too..

why to have a ps3 in portable version??:O
I want something new

SoapShoes2822d ago

I think it would be pretty cool to play MGS4 when you're on a road trip... That's what a portable is for after all, but MGS4 isn't really a good game for portable. I'll bet they do a new MGS game on the MGS4 engine.

ScentlessApprentice72822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It's not quite apparent if Konami will actually port MGS4 to PSP2/NGP. That in itself is not what hypes me for the NGP. What hypes me for Sony's new portable device is the technological advancement and potential for amazing at-home HD gaming that was once thought to be exclusive to the living room couch that is now finally available on a viable portable console is what really excites me on this.

kewlkat0072822d ago

"don't we have this on ps3 ??
why on psp2 too.. "

Personally, I think that was part of PSP's problem. The psp needs it's own games and franchises. I'm not sure why Sony or devs wants to equate the same success of a console game on a handheld counterpart...

A majority of console only gamers are not going to go out of their way to buy a portable just to play the same game or some sequel on a handheld.

I would like to know the age group demographics for the PSP handheld? Since the majority of PS gamers are probably in their 20s and up.

SoapShoes2822d ago

@kewlkat007 - Then how do you explain the success of Mario on the DS? Most of the DS's popular titles are sequels/prequels/spinoffs of popular Nintendo franchises that have been established for many years.

kewlkat0072822d ago

Mario (the mascot) of nintendo is just a very bad example....

We have seem mario golf, tennis, party....I could go on. That character is instantly re-created through time and a staple\face for Nintendo and it's image.

They have re-released older mario games on the ds as well for nostalgic purposes. I'm just trying to examine why the ds does so well on all fronts when compared to a hardware that smashes it on all fronts?
Look at the variety of games on the DS(touch screen helps). Some games sell like sh!t and many sell millions.

I just feel like, that Wii gamer is more in line with that potential DS gamer then a hardcore PS3 user, to the PSP demographics. Again just an assumption, but a Wii gamer is more likely to buy a DS then the older Ps3 gamer to also buy a PSP.

SoapShoes2822d ago

@kewlkat007 - Hey, I'm not just talking about Mario. I'm talking about all of Nintendo's key franchises. I just don't see how having Uncharted on the PSP is a bad thing when Nintendo does it with all of their franchises.... And there are many Mario games on the DS that are practically just the same thing as on the console and I'm not talking just about all of the spin-offs.

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showtimefolks2822d ago

that's when you know something is really powerful

now all we need a confirm release date plus price. also psp2 has been confirmed for a while i said it many time as long as it did have 2 analog sticks i would buy it everything else is extra goodies

i am kind of glad they didn't do a flip open style like the one so called leaked and went with a straight psp times X2 ign guys went to sony's conference and said the thumb sticks felt really good glad to know

less piracy more 3rd party support one thing sony can not do is price this thing wrong in fall 2011 this could have a huge system launch

josephayal2822d ago

I'm def waiting for the announcement of Super Street Fighter 4-NGP

DA_SHREDDER2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I thought you just called the machine n4g for a second there. Coincidence? LOL!

@Dellis. Your out of your mind. You have to be on contract to get a Galaxy tab for 200 let alone a beast like a N4g. I mean NGP. hahahaha!

StbI9902822d ago

By that list I've just seen plus the fact of several 1rst parties lacking there, I'm looking at even more support than what the 3DS is actually having, on the loose here eeh nintendo.

Dellis2822d ago

better be 199.99

they don't even have 3D

Samus HD2822d ago

it's ironic ., but I like it!

mushroomwig2822d ago

The PSP2 not featuring 3D is exactly why I'm choosing it over the 3DS.

ScentlessApprentice72822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Just don't forget to take a break every 30 minutes or else you'll have to lie down for a while. I would also recommend buying a second chargeable battery.

Edit @ Kon

Right, so what's the point of purchasing the 3DS if you are just going to disregard it's primary selling point? To purchase all the old N64 games like Ocarina of Time yet again in a bright, new $60 3DS package?

Kon2822d ago

You can play the 3DS w/o 3D so i don't see your point.

kanetheking2822d ago

kon so wont that just be a ds then?

StbI9902822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

LOl, I love how people are only hanging on around 3D (obviously stating that is what make the 3DS any appealing, shame) since that is what actually makes the 3DS a soon to fail to revere the same public the DS was intended to = Childs(from 6 to 10/12)yeah you can turn it off but, what is the appeal on getting one then?... Hope that isn't the case though, after child starts rolling off with their eyes handed, lets see if your lil gimmicky tech called 3D will stand a candle( not hating though, just stating the experience I've got so far on the 3D bandwagon, and I ain't that sure of 3DS being any difference to even worse since you are receiving this distorting effect directly and not through some shutter glasses).

Anyway 5'inch OLED screen/Ps3 graphics > 3FckingD anyday xD

Mr Tretton2822d ago

The 3D in the 3DS is an attempt to cover up it's weak graphics. It's also a generic form of 3D that Kaz stated months ago they aren't interested in.

Sony 'til I die.


Who wants 3D when NGP have a lot more and better Features.

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Technical World2822d ago

The NGP looks really cool. But has anyone else noticed that it's kind of huge and a little ugly? It's not horrible looking but it's not really that good looking. If it was smaller it would already have me sold but I don't know. I hope it isn't the final system and Sony makes some changes. Bubble up if you agree.

Mr Tretton2822d ago

I think it looks slick as hell.

And it needs a good sized screen considering what it's putting out. Tiny ass screen, no want.

Technical World2819d ago

Yeah, but it could have been a little smaller. I at least want something to put in my pocket and not look like I'm hiding an iPad on me.

DFresh2822d ago

I want to know more about a price point, possibility of adding a phone service, and more news on the software line up for that device across the board.

PSP may have been the most powerful device but the support went elsewhere like to the DS/iPhone.

Hopefully this time around Sony will secure better game support for the NGP and at the same time keep piracy at bay.
(Piracy for a large part killed the PSP.)

3DS has a great advantage right now when it comes to 3rd party support.

iPhone well that's just kicking both the DS/PSP in the ass right now.
(Game apps/support speak for themselves.)

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