PlayStation Suite Allows Cross-platform Gaming Experience

Sony has just announced the PlayStation Suite. It expands the PlayStation experience beyond the PSP border. It is the first cross platform endeavor. The target platform of the PlayStation Suite is the Android.

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Burning_Finger2821d ago



Godmars2902821d ago

And who the hell am I kidding...

Do have to wonder if people have to be reminded of the...that thing? You know, the thing? That thing that Nintendo's making...?

forcefullpower2821d ago

Ooooooh. Imagine since Steam works is incorporating in PS3. That the Playstation suite incorporates into Steam Client to give Trophies for Steam games.

Xwow20082821d ago

Iam just blown away from what sony is doing,developers are very exited with the psp2...iam not into portable gaming but with the psp2 i think its DAY 1 BUY :)).

DoomeDx2821d ago

Thats the Codename. So it will change

like Kinect, that codename was Natal.

YourFlyness2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I was trying to tell somebody this when i said I can see Steam coming to PS3. They argue why would Sony bring competition to PSN. I said that PSN isnt just for games but a service that Sony wants to push all forms of media out of.

Games, Movies, Music, Ebooks,etc on all kinds of devices, Consoles, TVs, Phones, Blu-ray players,etc.

AKA2821d ago

Well that way of thinking make no sence, why will netflix is on psn?
Because people like choises and if sony does not give them they will not be happy and go away.

Steam will be part of the ps3 and we all know they will be saleing ps3 games in it.

YourFlyness2821d ago

Right, Same thing I was trying to tell them, AKA

saint_john_paul_ii2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

well theres your playstation phone. for those that do not understand. the "PSP phone" that we have seen on the net recently is just a flagship phone for playstation Suite, the real meat and potatoes for that phone. expect more phones to do this.

NGP though, is a whole different beast :D

YourFlyness2821d ago

agreed, Xperia is the prototype phone for the suite, which is why the found PS buttons in the SDK

Tony-Red-Grave2821d ago

psp phone= Xperia play let us never involve playstation though now the android on the phone/NGP makes sense

HyperBear2821d ago

Well, I really really REALLY WANT THIS IN MY HANDS NOW. Unfortunately, I've got 2 problems. The cost will more than likely be over and above a current PS3, and I would rather have a PS3 over a NGP. Also, I live in Canada, and as such with this NGP, 3G connectivity is built-in, meaning this will most likely only be available in wireless telecom stores, and for us Canadians, this will go to Rogers (Sony-Rogers Agreement). Meaning this device will be charged about $35/month for data connection, and i just cannot see many Canadians paying probably $400 plus $35 a month for data, especially now that Tablets will be a big thing this year.

But I pray Im wrong and I hope Sony comes with just a WiFi version, or makes the 3G part optional and not mandatory. (Or if Rogers gives some cheap rates, but that is doubtful)

fr0sty2821d ago

i don't think sony is dumb enough to release a handheld at $400. they learned their lesson releasing consoles at $600.

egidem2821d ago

It is looking to be a pretty expensive device, but your thinking is right. It would not make sense to price their PSP 2 at $400 when something else that does exactly the same and more (PS3) costs less.

Tony-Red-Grave2821d ago

it has 3G and wi-fi so you won't have to pay for 3G if you'r using wi-fi

cool cole2821d ago

I hope you're wrong too, I don't wanna end up paying that much for this thing.

egidem2821d ago

I totally understand what you mean. As a Canadian, I know Rogers very well...and I agree with you, I doubt that they will come with a cheap rate for the data plan...Rogers is expensive! I'm also betting on a Wifi version only. I don't want to sign some data contract from Rogers if I can access the same content over WiFi for free.

I'm currently looking for a tablet, but everything seems to be too expensive in the tablet market, and of course, the infamous data plans are involved...darn.

HyperBear2821d ago


Yes but the fact is Sony is seemingly treating this as a GSM/UMTS/HSPA Device and as such, will only be available through your Wireless service provider (depends which frequemcy bands). So meaning they'll offer it on a subsidized contract for cheaper, or you have to buy it outright, but you will still have to pay monthly for data which is a given for every smartphone.

At least this is what I have grabbed from Sonys meeting, that and I quote "Because the NGP is always connected to the internet by 3G, you'll always be connected."

So yea. It is possible to i guess outright buy the NGP from a telecom and then not sign up to use for 3G, but then that would take away the whole point of connected everywhere and realtime updates for everything you do on the NGP.

YourFlyness2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

"Because the NGP is always connected to the internet by 3G, you'll always be connected." <<< that is marketing talk.

You will not be forced into a contract. They have PS Suite to reach into the phone market. Thankfully with Android, good decision.

Tony-Red-Grave2819d ago

worth mentioning in japan i can't remember which company is offering free 3G support

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