Camper Massacre 101 - Modern Combat Domination

PI writes, "In this clip of Camper Massacre 101 we take an examination of some camping going on in the newly released Modern Combat Domination title for PSN. Right at the start of the match you see lag cheaters taking tons of bullets before they drop while pop-shotting from concealed hideouts and camping with various strategies.

The host of the server is switched, and this seems to work faster and better than in Call of Duty: Black Ops, so that's a good thing but it isn't enough to get these people to quit camping. Once the host is fairly stable the real fun gets started.

Overall the game has a few bugs but is really fun. Sometimes it seems like people's connections effect the game too much while people are playing cheap. Although there are campers in this game at times who exploit its flaws there seems to be enough balance and emphasis on skill that it doesn't matter. Allowing real gamers a good chance at decimating these fools.

Enjoy the following clip and I have also pro...

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Hitman07692849d ago

I really hate campers, it's about time some one put them in their place!

MaroonersRock2849d ago

I've heard a lot about this game but have yet to play it. Seems like it could be fun.

kdalnation2849d ago

i wish this guy would take his camper massacring over to black ops and teach some of these little punks a lesson!

9thGenHero2849d ago

Damn, well as long as they are amulets then I will respect their camping skills

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The story is too old to be commented.