Sony PSP2: developers talk about

A few hours of the likely announcement of the PSP 2, here's one last point on the information we have delivered on our sources and first impressions of the developers.

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GodHandDee2849d ago

Roughly 9-10 hours to go. Can't wait!

Xbox360PS3AndPC2849d ago

N4G Is Going To Overload With PSP2 Articles In 7-8 Hours

Joni-Ice2849d ago

How many hours? 9-10 or 7-8? Im on the eastcoast around what time?

Warprincess1162849d ago

The psp2 is gone to be the 3ds killer!

Rikitatsu2849d ago

Sure, only when its not priced at 499$ and with 2 hours battery life, while the 3DS has an almost 1 year headstart.

jony_dols2849d ago

And you are basing your wild assumptions on what?

There has been no mention of the pricing or the battery life of the PSP2 yet. For all we know the 3D screen on the 3DS will give it a 15 min battery life..

However there have been reports that the the PSP2 will launch will launch in Oct/Nov 2011, that is barely half a year after the 3DS.

mrv3212849d ago

The device in the picture looks outstanding, it's functional, stylish.

What sony should just do is play Motorstorm 1 on it, it should have a HDMI-mini out, so it would be that hard to display a image on tv of Motorstorm running at 60FPS 720p running on the device, it'd blow people away.