BattleStrats: Breach Review and Gameplay

On the outset, Breach looks like your typical Call of Duty wannabe. The game is a military shooter that features gadgets, perks, and destructible environments. Same ole same ole right??

Surprisingly No…
Breach shines in its ability to offer up new game modes and features that are sure to catch the eye of other game developers.

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lostinplace2825d ago

Looks like a helluva game for only $15

JLesinski2825d ago

I was pleasantly surprised with this. I don't necessarily expect much from $15 games but this one pulled through nicely. Definitely worth the buy if you have the points sitting around, I would even say it's worth the 20 bucks to buy the points if you don't carry a balance.

yarbie10002825d ago

Yeah I really hope other developers look at a couple of the features implemented in this game and work off of it. They had some unique cool ideas - I really like Convoy and the Sabotage gadget...awesomeness