Hats and Monday Night Combat

David at The POW Block says: "Yesterday, Monday Night Combat released on Steam for the (waiting?) PC audience. Monday Night Combat fared well when it released as a part of the Summer of Arcade for 2010 on Xbox 360. It would only make sense that it would perform decently on the PC, since Team Fortress 2 has shown that the market enjoys this style of game."

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Hitster3594d ago

I always liked DOTA, since this game is finally coming to the PC I probably will try this one out. Great post!

Andrew Wiggin3594d ago

While the first person shooter is always better on the PC, the 3rd person shooter is not. Though is probably will be better here unless it was super optimized for consoles...who knows?

crispinantista3594d ago

You sound like a PC elitest snob. Shooters are not always better on the PC, just to people with small minds.

Andrew Wiggin3594d ago

No, unless said shooter was made with specifically for the console and optimized as such, then just ported to the PC, it's always better on the PC.

Hitster3594d ago

Just saying, a mouse adds percision (good for shooters). A joystick adds smooth controls (good for driving games). However, knowing what games are better for what platform is something that is nice to know for every gamer. Yet, most fanboys get offended when you tell them something on their platform isn't as good as something on another system (friend codes are a terrible system opposed to gammertags/psn handles).

crispinantista3594d ago

Why the hell are there so many hats!? Who the hell really cares?

Andrew Wiggin3594d ago

People who like Team Fortress 2? I don't know, it's just an incentive. Bonuses and stuff.

Hitster3594d ago

There is actually a whole currency (for lack of better words) based on hats within Team Fortress 2.

NosoleeToxin3593d ago

Really, wonder if that was one of the things they wanted people to do with them.

eggbert3594d ago

There are people buying this solely because they want to trade the hats.

NosoleeToxin3594d ago

I do like getting free stuff but I hope they are not using this to push sales like they used halo 3 beta in crackdown.

Andrew Wiggin3594d ago

That is a little different, people love for Halo is a little different than getting a hat to wear in Team Fortress 2. I'm not really sure if there is a business model behind this. It seems to just be a good will thing.

crispinantista3594d ago

Dude Halo sucks and so did Crackdown. That was a pathetic attempt from Microsoft to sell their awful game. Valve is amazing and would never do anything like that.

multipayer3594d ago

Dude, you've been playing games on the same engine for a decade. It has gotten to the point where source mods are as good or better than what Valve is churning out... and now they are charging for hats, like microsoft charges for avatar items... It is the ultimate fail.

Now that Bungie is with Activision, when they release their game on PC. I suggest you buy it, or be faced with the dilemma of being an utter douchebag.