10 Most Disappointing Xbox 360 Games Since Launch

"After all the hype, all the commotion, and all of the promises, these 10 individual titles have let down a majority of gamers worldwide for various reasons. "

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Godmars2903739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Calling FFXIII the #1 disappointment on the 360 when some FF fans consider it being on the 360 the reason why the game was disappointing.

Istanbull3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )


Btw, this list lacks Crackdown 2 and Splinter Cell Convictions.

Blaze9293739d ago

SC: Conviction was actually a pretty damn nice game.

Crackdown 2 however, was a tragedy.

Caspel3739d ago

It was expected that Crackdown 2 would suck. With MS taking away the lead dev and rushing it to the streets, expectations shouldn't have been high.

SMOK3xFFx3739d ago

Agree with Blaze929, Splinter Cell was no disappointment.

Another two games I'd add to the list are Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant both of which I was hyped for coming off of Lost Odyssey and both of which really let me down.

DelbertGrady3739d ago

Splinter Cell was very fun but a bit repetitive. The MP was ace.

I'd go for Too Human.

xstation793739d ago

Splinter Cell to me was awesome. It felt like I was playing a jason bourne movie. Crackdown 2 is fun with co op. I didn't enjoy gta 4 as much as san andreas but it was still a good game. It was really polished and had a great story.

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guigsy3739d ago

Those FF fans are idiots, they will come up with any excuse for an FF game being bad when really Square Enix should take all the blame.

Ryudo3739d ago

Don't bother half the idiots on N4G act like the 360 killed there entire family...

r1sh123739d ago

the multiplayer stuff in splinter cell was great..The single player a little too repetitive and they cheaped out on character voices. I really liked that game,

GTA should not be on there either...The single player wasnt amazing but it was good, I loved playing GTA multiplayer for almost 18 months..
This list is pretty bad. If you dont believe that I played GTA that long, check out my youtube page and you will see some of great footage I captured. [put my username into youtube]

bev713739d ago

I'm with you on Medal of Honor - that was one big letdown from start to finish. What a disappointing addition to what was my favourite franchise.

Istanbull3739d ago

Medal of Honor was a great game. The story was non-existant but everything else was just solid.

About the story, not every game needs to have super soldiers saving the earth from crazy terrorists who want to nuke the shit out of America uhum uhum CoD anyone?

gorebago3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )


Terrible game.

Only because it followed mag and bad co 2. Had it come out five years ago, I'd probably would found some redeeming value in it.


alee3739d ago

Many, but not all, of these seem to agree with popular opinion. This mostly seems like a useful list of games to avoid.

BLAKHOODe3739d ago

I love how any dumbass can make a list and get it posted here. Grand Theft Auto IV? seriously?! idiot.

gorebago3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

I like that game alot as well as five others on that list. I think people look into things to hard (moh not withstanding, that game deserves it's negative rep) and forget to just enjoy things. Accept them for what they are and not what 'you' wanted them to be. It's how I learned to love ff13.

Boreas863739d ago

I can't understand why so many people dislike Halo 3: ODST. As for me, it's far better than Halo 3 and Reach. Actually, it's the one closest to the original game.

Honestly, I feel sorry for this guy considering ODST the second most disappointing game on the Xbox 360. I hope, he just didn't play it...

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