Top 10 Xbox 360 Games Since Launch

"It’s been a wonderful and sometimes bumpy ride for Microsoft with their Xbox 360 console. Improving in areas that they were weak with the original Xbox, Microsoft has pushed forward and continued to work closely to secure third-party publishing deals to keep their fans happy. It’s no surprise that our Top 10 Xbox 360 Games Since Launch is dominated by third-party software." - GameZone

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Chug3730d ago

Only one exclusive...and it's shadow complex?

Guitarded3730d ago

Please refer to comment #3.2

Chug3730d ago

Please refer to the title-Top 10 Xbox 360 Games Since Launch. Call me crazy but when I see "Top Ten Xbox 360 Games" I expect to see Xbox 360 games. The same rule would apply if it were a top ten PS3 list.

But I suppose in your shallow mind that somehow translates into me being a PS3 fanboy.

If it makes you feel better, my gamertag is Chug1. Go ahead and try to add me so I can deny you.

Guitarded3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Nice try, but nowhere does it say exclusive in the title or article. These games are available on the 360.

Do you think you are the first fanboy to buy a console to try to lend some credibility to their ludacris comments? Hint: You're not. Please refer to comment #3.2.2 for an example.

I deny your request to deny my request.

Chug3729d ago

And here I thought you'd at least come back with a reasonably intelligent response. But nope, just more half ass fanboy drivel.

Sure, genious. I bought a 360 on Nov 22 2005 just to back up my "fanboy" comments here on N4G. Are you kidding?! Or do you actually believe the shit you spew? What about my second 360? What about my Wii? Why did I buy those? C'mon tell me, I'm dying to hear!

Kon3728d ago

" Call me crazy but when I see "Top Ten Xbox 360 Games" I expect to see Xbox 360 games." All games mentioned in the article are Xbox 360 games. So you lost.

guigsy3730d ago

Why does "since launch" need to be specified? I don't remember there being a plethora of 360 games before the 360 launched.

Guitarded3730d ago

Because many people, especialy on this site, have poor reading comprehension and need to be told every detail so they don't freak out.

midgard2273730d ago

lol sf4? pfft blazblue is way better, anyway, yeah wierd that the list only has one exclusive. i mean, well its true sorta, if u do a ps3 list plenty of ps3 exclusives wud be there. but its prbly cuz ps3 does have the most great exclusives.

garos823730d ago

i know blazblue is deeper and a great game but no matter how much i tried i couldnt get into it as a game.
for me ssf4 is one of my best games this gen that still gets much play time compared to other supposed big hitters. i was a huge final fanatasy fan and its a sad day that it got well less play time than ssf4

Guitarded3730d ago

Another insecure PS3 fan with a killer PC. It would appear exclusive games mean very little to platform sales or enjoyment thereof so give it a rest please.

kane_13713730d ago

loool, are you insecure or something?
what are you saying?
a system is a joke without it's exclusives.
the exclusives are the reason a system should be even considered, halo for xbox.
LBP, MGS, for ps3.

Chug3730d ago

Yeah, its kinda funny how exclusives don't matter anymore now that the PS3 has tons of them and the 360 has really nothing but lame kinect titles coming out. Oh, and Gears & Forza.

These 360 fanboys are getting desperate these days. Have they no shame?

Guitarded3730d ago

Look, more insecure PS3 fans.

kane_13713728d ago

me, insecure?
you are the one panicking over Sony's exclusive library

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gypsygib3730d ago

Dont't agree with the list but 8 out of 10 can be had on PS3 as well.

DelbertGrady3730d ago

7/10 perform better on the 360.

gypsygib3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Just 2 - Bayonetta and Bioshock are better on 360

SSF4 (d-pad), ME2, Batman AA are better on PS3 and the rest of the games are the same.

I think ME1 and Reach are some of 360's best games and should have been on the list, I played the Reach SP over 3 times!

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