Jason Graves, Composer for Dead Space 2 Interview

"People like to know the big names behind a game. Cliff Bleszinski, Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright - these are guys who deserve some major respect for the things they have done for games. However, for every fantastic title, there are often hundreds of people who helped make those games what they are. One area often overlooked is the soundtrack, the musical backing behind any strong title." - GameZone

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UndeadAreGo3729d ago

I love interviews like these. As he points out, there's not enough attention given to any of the other people behind the scenes.

VenomProject3729d ago

Agreed. I love anything "behind-the-scenes" when it involves a game I love.

Also, Jason Graves is amazing.

GodsHand3729d ago

Now that's a name for a game like Dead Space, Mr. Graves.

OpiZA3729d ago

I'm in the sound design and composition field, one day I would love to work in this environment. It will happen :)

barefootgamer3729d ago

Nice interview! The sound design is one of the highlights of the Dead Space series.

TomFG3729d ago

Agreed, so much goes into sound design and it makes such a difference when it's done as well as Dead Space.

RogueCheddar3724d ago

I love the music in Dead Space, this guy is seriously talented