GameZone: Dead Space 2 Review

"It may not be deep, but it is an exciting journey, and possibly the most frightening game since the original Dead Space." - Brian Rowe, GameZone

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teujip3729d ago

Great review - still needing to play the first one... I know, I am late - but so many games to play, and so little time :)

alee3729d ago

Sounds like a fairly good game. Thanks for the review!

TheSanchezDavid3729d ago

Looks like an action-packed game worth checking out. Although I need to play the first game before I even think about playing this one. =P

athmaus3729d ago

game really doesnt interest me at all

ghost10823729d ago

Thanks for the review, been hearing really good things about it. i might wait till its down to 20$ though.

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The story is too old to be commented.