Gamer Limit Review: Breach

Breach, the downloadable title from Atomic Studios (makers of the controversial Six Days in Fallujah) won’t steal away flocks of players from Call of Duty, nor will it impress the average player who browses downloadable titles once a month. The greatest success of Breach is that it does destruction and cover far better than games like Bad Company 2 or Black Ops, which helps to make it a completely worthy addition to your digital library even with its lack of polish.

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thebratterz3728d ago

If I can convince a couple of friends to play this as well, I might have to give Breach a try. Sounds pretty interesting.

slate913727d ago

It's very cool. Has a little of counter-strike feeling to it. Im lovin it

Yuenanimous3727d ago

Sounds cool. I may pick it up if I can convince my regular gaming crew to check it out.