Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Review by BattleStrats

Is the Dead Space 2 campaign the best ever survival horror story of all time?

Well I honestly couldn't tell you. I haven't played it yet. Unlike most people, I have spent most of the last 12 hours playing the surprisingly addictive multiplayer. Every other review I have read has spared only a few sentences for the "tacked on" multiplayer. Only a few sentences do not do it justice so I decided to review the game solely on the multiplayer.

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yarbie10003730d ago

Finally some multiplayer information - everyone else is just covering the single player

AntoineDcoolette3729d ago

What? Dead Space 2 has multiplayer? I didn't even realize.

Kidding, of course, but I find it to be irrelevant >:(

xxxAnubisxxx3730d ago

The multiplayer was the big question mark in Dead Space 2. It's nice to see it turned out pretty good

lostinplace3730d ago

It is definitely worth it. I consider the campaign to be a bonus.

UnwanteDreamz3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Wow I can't even relate to that. I like MP as much as the next guy but over a single player campaign?

I could understand if this was Black Ops or BC2 those games have better MP then SP IMO.

I just hope your preference dosen't become the norm or SP will die and gaming will be no better for it.

"I consider the campaign to be a bonus." - indeed

yarbie10003730d ago

I want to pick this game up but I really couldn't get into the first one so Im a little hesitant

Kon3730d ago

It is nice to know that the Single Player wasn't ruined by the multiplayer.

lostinplace3730d ago

It is nice to know the Multiplayer wasn't ruined by the single player.

IaMs123730d ago

Oh man its awesome so far, picked it up last night. Its more fast pace then the 1st, it seems like im flying through it, im already on Chapter 3 not sure how many chapters there are tho. Lot more action, not as scary atm, but ive been getting hints that it will get scarier. Ive also just started.

The EA servers seem to be down today though. I went to go check out the multiplayer and i cant connect, on PC that is.

DA_SHREDDER3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Definitely more fast pace then the first. Honestly thought it was better than Uncharted 2 and im only on level 3. Some sections look just damn real. The lighting, sound effects second to none. Haven't even tried the multiplayer, but I loved the beta so Im saving that for a day im totally bored so I know forsure I have a good day.

Oh I forgot Dead Space Extraction, I have the PS Move so Ill be good for awhile. Damnit, Im still addicted to DCU, but Im so loving Dead Space 2 right now. The dlc suit is so bad ass too. I love being able to fly ZOE style. Almost anyways.

UnwanteDreamz3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

DLC suit? No, wait, what? Where did you preorder?

Never mind I think I just need to redeem the code that came with my CE. I hope.....

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