Unbox Dead Space 2: Collectors Edition!

Gil Is Munny unboxes Dead Space 2 and shares all of its goodies.

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joinsideke3733d ago

cant express how disappointed I was with this collection, especially the gun. I returned mine to Amazon a whopping 15 min after opening it.

Tell me I'm not the only one who is SICK of shitty plastic collectors items thrown in a box with the game for an extra 20-30 bones. I rarely fall for it anymore, and I have no idea why I did this time. I guess I trusted that EA had turned a new leaf.

Mmmkay3733d ago

i was pissed that this wasn't available for ps3, not so much anymore... :)

looking forward to the Helghast edition. !!

Rhezin3733d ago

yup I agree, the only collectors edition I'm gettin this year is the Helghast edition! Maybe R3 if they have one.