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Breach is the new XBLA game from Atomic. Taking on the role of an online FPS, Breach offers destructible environments, a cover system, unlocks, perks, a ranking system and much more. With a 1200 Microsoft Points price tag, Breach is asking gamers to give up a lot for a game that has no campaign and only 4 multiplayer maps. Is the multiplayer madness worth the 1200 Microsoft Points?

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TheHip143734d ago

worth the 1200 MSP or not?

ColinKapow3734d ago

hmm I might give this one a miss for one of the other xbla titles

thegreatest78843734d ago

I think I'll be getting this, it looks great!

RaymondM3733d ago

hmmmm i'll have to pass on this one. I'll save my money for Dead Space 2!