Capcom planning two huge games for 2011

Scrawl: "Capcom director and producer Jun Takeuchi has said the publisher is planning two big, currently unannounced titles for this year."

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GodHandDee3353d ago

PSP2!? Would explain the 'unannounced' part

EYEamNUMBER13352d ago

wait what? that actually makes no sense

InactiveUser3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

In other news:

I'm planning on winning an unannounced lottery this year.

Planning? Unannounced? Equals News? No. Come back when you have News.

GodHandDee3352d ago

A new HW on the horizon, new games to be revealed, capcom had great success with the PSP. And hey not saying this like a fact or anything but it would make sense

dragunrising3352d ago

I'm sure Resident Evil 6 is one of those games. The other is perhaps Monster Hunter. Both of those games are the money makers for Capcom. If they make either of those games, I would expect they show up on consoles, PSP2, 3DS, iOS, and even Android.

SwampCroc3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

I hope one is another re-iteration of Ghosts N Goblins, like Maximo was for the PS2.. but anything Capcom has the potential to be solid.

UnSelf3352d ago


George Sears3353d ago

Only thing that would surprise me from Capcom would be bringing back Viewtiful Joe or Okami.

Oh Clover, I miss you.

UnSelf3352d ago


i shoulda read dis first -_-

NYC_Gamer3353d ago

i used, to always want them to bring back onimusha.but not anymore capcom just ruins everything this gen with their lack of talent

George Sears3353d ago

Cant believe I forgot about poor old Samanosuke. Capcom should had just sticked with him instead of adding people I didn't give a shit about.

Ronster3163352d ago

Any two of these three franchises please Capcom...............

Onimusha 5
Dino Crisis 4
Power Stone 3

IRetrouk3352d ago

onimusha 5 yes
dino crisis 4 no, did you play no 3, it was a mess, they ruined it
never played power stone, any good?
i would like viewtiful joe, new resi that goes back to its roots and maybe a new auto modelesa.

wenaldy3352d ago

Last installment of DC3 was garbage.. Dino in space?? Pfffttttt.. And I hope Samanosuke would return in Onimusha 5 (and bring back the concept of "back to the future")..

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The story is too old to be commented.