IZUNA: Bulletstorm Demo Impressions

So few games these days understand that the player only feels a sense of achievement from an action if that action was his or her choice. If a cinematic action sequence, despite being the most exhilarating, will happen regardless of what the players does, it will boring fast. Bulletstorm understood this fact.

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Dazel3739d ago

and has a ton of replay value at first, I just wonder how quickly you will get bored of it without proper mp. Still it impressed me more than Crysis 2

SnukaTheMan3739d ago

I have not been so unimpressed with a demo ever....usually I find something worthwhile....I cant stand the IN YOUR FACE on red bull voice over job in this game....really..I dont know if EA is trying to bully epic games into making a game that is close to gears of war on speed to sell but I really dislike it.