Modern Combat Domination - War Veteran Trophy

PI writes, "After a rough start I get some killing in with the latest FPS to hit the PlayStation Network, Modern Combat Domination. In this Domination match while covering objective points strategically with my team-mates I manage to achieve my hundredth kill earning the War Veteran trophy..."

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egm_hiphopgamer3730d ago

Surprisingly this game isn't bad, they did a hell of a job with this game and I better see more of it.

Hitman07693730d ago

Agreed, it could do with a little bit of updates and patches but it's really solid overall especially when you compare it to some other games out there.

MaroonersRock3730d ago

This looks like something that I'd check out.

9thGenHero3730d ago

Hmm, really? I need to see more before I commit to this game, I got too much goin on right now....

thedudeftw3730d ago

Best 8 bucks that i have spent.

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The story is too old to be commented.