If WWE Video Games Went PG

WWE fans all know that Vince McMahon made the decision for his product to go PG to portray a more family friendly image.

Imagine if the WWE decided to make its video games PG too? What will they be like?

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Zydake3740d ago

The game would sell like Tony Hawk.

maverick8783740d ago

PG WWE + Wii version + Mario = huge seller. I say that jokingly because every mom would gladly buy it for her kid but now that I think about it, I would buy that game.

swat3740d ago

still will be Flop unless THQ stop dev this game or grow some ball to take WWE to New Level

nevin13740d ago

Despite the PG rating, violence still occurs in WWE doesnt it?

jbl3163740d ago

Yea, it's still somewhat violent. It's just be toned down dramatically and they include more segments of very poor comedy now.

hazelamy3739d ago

"would it still be fun to play?"
the last time i had fun with a smackdown game was on ps2.