GameFocus reviews Two Worlds II

Oh, so you’re here! If you have made it this far, let me be the first to say I’m proud of you! Why? Simply put, you have managed to rise above any preconceived notions about the Two Worlds franchise and at least give the reviews a look, even if they don’t change your mind. That’s a good thing, by the way. Given the poor reception of the first Two Worlds...

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Tex1173730d ago

Reviews for this thing are all over the place.

I need an RPG to tide me over till DA:2, is this the one?

BlackTar1873730d ago

1st one was Terrabad but i have hope for this one.

ironcreed3730d ago

I have it and it is purely awesome if you love role playing games of the Euro variety. It can be quite deep as well and will take some time to really get into in order to discover all there is to it.

The story is standard dark fantasy stuff and is nothing to write home about, but the game itself is a blast, has a fantastic soundtrack, great atmosphere and is quite beautiful at times as well. Leaps and bounds better than the first. While not perfect, it is still a gem and a half that I look forward to spending MANY hours in.

Tex1173730d ago

What platform?

I hear PC is alot better than console.

How is the combat? Some say its pretty clunky.

ironcreed3730d ago

I have the 360 version and aside from some screen tearing it runs and plays fine.

TheDivine3730d ago

Yes i heard its very good and it will tide me over till skyrim. I acually cant wait for this myself, love all rpgs, 2010 kept me busy with risen, divinity 2, fable 3, mass effect 2, the dragon knight saga, fallot nv. 2011 is looking damn good also. Cant wait.

xyxzor3730d ago

I'm not sure how much I believe these reviews considering I was told review copies weren't sent out until yesterday.

BigPimpJayQc3729d ago

Some folks have debug units with software code.

xyxzor3729d ago

Which would mean they would be playing preview codes not final or retail copies.

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