5 Things PS3 Owners Have Gotten Used to That We Shouldn’t Have

PS3Blog: "The PS3 has been out now for just shy of five years and in the beginning we gamers had such high expectations for game developers and our beautiful shiny new black box that we thought could do anything. Alas of course the system is not without its flaws and below I have listed what I think the 5 things are that PS3 owners have gotten used to, that perhaps we shouldn't have."

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PS3Blog3730d ago

This is my first opinion piece, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know of any improvements, tips etc or your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3730d ago

This is me picking nits.
In the opening paragraph you used the word 'fortnightly.' This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. There is one problem: not all of us yanks recognize a fortnight as two weeks. I would have used semimonthly, even if I were born and raised in Hounslow.

As for the rest of the piece, you did bring up some good points. There is one small part of #5 that I want to disagree with, but only partially. Most of the games I play have a score that does an excellent job of complementing the gameplay. I wouldn't want to listen to Muse, or Rush, or anyone else for that matter. I will agree that being able to listen to your own music while playing should be included in more games; racing games come immediately to mind. Or during a multiplayer session.

Good writing overall.... approved.

Istanbull3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

The PS3 has not been out for 5 years here. It launched 27th march 2007 in Europe.

rockleex3730d ago

At least we didn't have to get used to sending our PS3's in for repair every other month.

granthinds3729d ago

It's called Google. Fortnightly is pretty much recognized all the world over as a common phrase and even if it weren't, we can all grow by learning other countries' vernacular.

Otherwise, totally agree with you :)

ElementX3729d ago

semimonthly?!?! LOL Bi-weekly is a more accepted term.

Steve_03729d ago

does bi-weekly mean once every two weeks, or twice a week though?

@PS3Blog or Freak_c,
All in all, fortnight is the best expression. Don't simplify the language just to cater to an audience, write as you see fit. Good article by the way, looking forward to more.

ElementX3729d ago

Bi-weekly means every 2 weeks.

TheLastGuardian3729d ago

I don’t want backwards compatibility in the PS3. PS3’s don’t last forever. My first PS3 only lasted a year before I had to pay Sony $150 to fix it and then it got YLOD a year later. I don’t want to waste my PS3’s life playing PS2 games when I have a PS2 to play them on.

I’m much happier with the HD collections. GoW, Sly, and Ico are some of my favorite PS2 series and I’m so happy that I get to play them in HD with trophies.

JoySticksFTW3729d ago

We're getting off topic here, but when has that ever stopped us? :)

For real, the only time I ever hear the word "fortnight" is when I'm reading fantasy novels like Martin's Song of Ice and Fire or Jordan's Wheel of Time

It's just not used in the States much.

Pick those books up btw. Wheel of Time is amazing through the first 6 or 7 books.

And Martin is one of the best fantasy writers this side of Tolkien... but beware. He is not afraid to kill major / main characters and continue the story.

You will say WTF?!?!!? Why?!!?! and throw your book. But strangely you won't be mad at the author for long. You'll be pissed at your favorite characters' mistakes and at the people who caused their demise

Steve_03729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

My point was that the term is ambiguous. For example, I tend to think of it as meaning twice a week.

Thanks for the heads up with the books. I'll definitely check them out.

On Topic,
As I don't game online, I don't care for 1 and most of 5, I have a 320gb HDD in my ps3 atm, and it's networked to a terabyte drive for media, so installs aren't much of a concern for me other than requiring a bit of patience. I have a PAL 60gb original PS3, so I've got backwards compatibility (although I've barely used it anyway, with all the great ps3 games), so that's 2 and 4 out. And so far I haven't had the need to back up game saves instead of just doing the whole drive, so 3 doesn't really apply to me either. Some good points brought up though, especially with regards to in game music (although this has gotten to be almost a non issue).

Actually, for me the biggest issue is the lack of mkv support!

(and the fact that my disk drive kind of died. That does suck.)

ravinash3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Thing is when your publishing your work on the internet, your putting it out there for an internional audiance.
I think on the whole Fortnightly is the most widely used term (Most US people would at lest know about the term). so in this case it is the best one to use.

My self coming from New Zealand and living in the UK for 6 years, I don't think I have ever heard of semimonthly before.

t0mmyb0y3729d ago

"This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing." nobody talk's like that. doesnt make you sound smart :)

dabri53729d ago

A decently written opinion piece yet again ruined by the comments section...and for what? Grammar police.

DarkFantasy3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )


"The PS3 has not been out for 5 years here. It launched 27th march 2007 in Europe. "

Uhmm yeah dude sorry to burst your bubble but it has been out for 5 years. it launched on November 11th 2006 in Japan and on the 17Th in North America even tho it was released a year after in 2007 for the UK/Europe doesn't mean its not 5 years old lol

2006 November 11th and 17th
2007= 1st year UK/Europe release
2008= 2nd year
2009= 3rd year
2010= 4th year
2011= 5th year

now back on topic

I don't think I really have a problem with any of these "5 things"... updates don't happen a lot,and weather I play games on my PC or PS3 I have to do Game Installs so it don't matter imo,"Copyrighted Save Games" rarely do I ever back up my saved games ,come on its not that hard to beat games this gen."PS2 Backwards compatibility" I haven't played ps2 games in over 2 years and I have no want to do so I'm more interested in....(wait for it) PS3 games..yeah a shocker kinda why I got a PS3 hmm? lol.. good article but it just makes some thing of nothing imo

Kleptic3729d ago

Overall I thought it was pretty good...Which is saying something, as there are literally thousands of 'lists' like this for the PS3 and 360 this generation...

the 'problem' and 'solutions' aspects of the article though get a little confusing...You mention an internet connection being a 'problem' for game updates...which I assume you are pointing at not everyone having a broadband connection for their ps3...which I understand...but you then say 'longer testing periods with more open betas' will reduce the need for post release patches...

That's true, but that doesn't address the main problem you have with game updates right?...The real issue with this is that game development is more complex than ever before...its inevitable that a developer even with a massive budget, will still have multiple bugs that simply couldn't be fixed in time...Its frustrating, but these guys are already taxed time and money wise to a degree where it simply isn't going to least any time soon...

We already flip out when a game is delayed...and THAT is the alternative...I'm happy that this generation actually has some what of a middle ground available to us...but it DOES require an internet connection...

The XMB issues are also present, like you mentioned...but I think you mask what the problems are by saying 'its the XMB'...when in fact, its so much deeper than that...and points all the way back to a problem Sony had before the PS3 launched...pertaining to developer support...

What Sony did, unlike MS, was allowed developers to decide which features they wanted incorporated into their game...They still do this...Many user features where not available on the PS3 when it shipped, and it took multiple firmware updates to add them later on...However, even after they were added, sony wasn't forcing all of them...the only thing that changed was that now every retail release of a PS3 game HAS to have trophies...but nothing else...They don't force in game music...its up to developers...

thats why it isn't a quick fix...its not that the game supports these regardless, and its just a matter of integrating it into the xmb...its that tons of these games were developed and released, and don't support the features internally...

that is what needs to change...which most likely won't until the next system is released...Sony needs to develop a tool set available to any PS3 developer that has all these community features unified and force integration of them...thats the only way every game will have them...

Dee_913729d ago

i dont have a problem with none of what you mentioned

i do have a problem with the shitty internet browser

QuodEratDemonstrandm3729d ago

@catguykyou I am not the grammar police. First of all they're not nearly as polite as I am. Second, there are no spelling or grammatical errors that I could see, just one instance where I would have used a different word. I don't preach, I practice.
@ElementX You're right. On top of that bi-weekly is the same as fortnightly: every two weeks. Good catch.
@ t0mmyb0y I talk like that. Not really trying to sound smart. I can be a little pretentious at times, however.

SmokeyMcBear3729d ago

Actually Darkfantasy, its just over four years. Nov '07 = 1 year, Nov '08 = 2 years, Nov '09 = 3 years, Nov '10 = 4 years, and Nov '11 = 5 years. So it would be correct in saying it has been out just over 4 years (4 years and 3 months) in NA and Japan, and Just shy of 4 years in Europe, where the write is from. Of course if you want to be correct in what you are saying. The way the writer wrote it, it is saying home many years it has completed (the just shy comment), rather than entering its 5 year. Carry on.

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pr0digyZA3730d ago

You bring up some very good points and I can understand some of those issues.
1.The internet is definitely a cause for the rise in some buggy games, but I must say I'm glad we get to update, because I remember getting a game on PS2 and not being able to get past a stage due to an error that could have been sorted with an update, this is no excuse though for quick releases.

2.I have to admit installs havn't been an issue for me because I have a 250 gig hard drive, but I can see the irritation that some owners would get due to their limited sizes.

3.This is a problem that has not affected me yet, but more support from devs would help, if you could back up your saves could that mean you could transfer them. If so then I can see why some would not like it with the trophy system

4.God please I would love this, HD make overs are good but I would love to buy the originals for a cheaper price.

5.The XMB hasn't been too much of a hassel but any improvements would be welcome.

I like that you have not just said what the problem is , but have also provided your solutions to said problems.Nice work can see you put a lot of effort into that.

PS3Blog3730d ago

Thanks. With regards to the copy protected save games, I understand and can see why some of the developers would want to lock them, but then it should be locked to the players ID to prevent transfer across systems.

JoySticksFTW3729d ago

Yeah, my 60gb was getting loud again. And even opening her up all the way to the fan that's clamped to the motherboard and cleaning her out only results in quiet for a few days now.

So I caved and got a slim this past week and used the transfer data utility. The number one reason I did this was to protect my copy-protected game saves that could not be saved to memory cards.

I think Demons' Souls was one of those copy-protected game saves too. And I wasn't about to lose all of my hours that I put into that game. Hundreds of hours...

MisterAV3730d ago

even the PS2 has the ability to block saves, I remember the console setting weren't transferable for example

Hashashin3730d ago

Updates aren't a bad thing. Updates is better than no updates. Shows the company is looking after it's game. Even if it's an update 1 day after launch. The rest of the reasons are genuine.

Anon19743729d ago

I really don't have an issue with much on this list. Updates don't bug me. In the old days, broken games shipped all the time. Now, something that was missed in testing doesn't necessarily have to ruin an entire game. That's a good thing. Also, I'm a PSN+ subscriber so everything updates automatically overnight. I never have to give updates a second thought anymore.

PS2 BC I already have because I bought a 60GB PS3. If you wanted one, there was plenty of time to get one and if you missed out you can certainly pick up a used PS2 for cheap if that matters to you. Personally, I only ever played one PS2 game on my PS3 in the 4 years I've had it now.

Installs again don't bother me. I was a PC gamer long before the PS3 came out. Installs are the norm, and offers up another tool for developers to use. I'd rather developers have more resources available to them then less.

I love the XMB and find it easy to use, and I've never felt the need to back up saves.

If I had one complaint, it'd be the length of time it takes to sync trophies. That bugs me.

RevXM3729d ago

Agree with your uppdate point.

The writer says he never saw that with the ps2... and well there is a fairly obvious reason why.

But for the most part uppdates is a good thing even single player.
It sounds like he tries to indicate that SP games cant have bugs.

I always welcome a update for the games I have.

I dont mind HDD install either, for the most part.
BUT GG and ND have made some the most advanced games on ps3 and still no install, but others have install and sometimes it takes a while (MGS4 /GT5) and others not (Resistance/Ratchet and clank).

The copyrighted saves However can be a problem... but isnt it possible to use a hardrive and make a 100% clone of your Ps3 on it?
Cause I bought a HDD cabinet for my 2.5" sata Scorpio blue 500Gb so I could backup my 250GB ps3 slim.

Ps2 compatibilty is not a real problem IMO.
I loved it when I had my 60GB but I still needed a PS2 to play Ratchet and Clank... wich went Slo mo on the ps3.

Ps2= really cheap, small.
And some of the best Ps2 games will be remade like GOW and ICO.

"no cross game chat, no in game music, slow, lack of folders and many others."

Slow Ingame XMB should be fixed.
In-game music should work with all games.
(I feel to mention that 360 cant even copy music or any media content from a USB drive 360 should get THAT in the next update.)
Also I totally agree that Sony could make a simple home menu just for when you are playing games.
And Cross game chat was confirmed some time ago, but I havent heard anything about it later on. I would love that feature.

saladthieves3729d ago

I agree with the sluggish interface of the XMB during gameplay. For example, if you want to compare achievements to a friend on Xbox Live, it's quick, painless and easy. Loading times are very short, and I can quickly get out of the whole menu by simply hitting the guide button.

On the XMB, it harder to work. Pulling up the interface first results in spinning icons. It has to load the icons, scroll to the other side, more loading!...then you select the friend you want to compare trophies with (It has to sync first, then load all the games you played plus the ones your friend played combined...a slow painful process that takes ages). Then you can finally compare all the individual trophies of the game. If I want to exit EVERYTHING AT ONCE with a push of a button, it doesn't work. I have to back out of a couple of sub menus first (which still have to load), and sometimes my PS3 continues to load, gets stuck, beeps 3 times and then reboots.

I think they need to work on this, shrink down the interface to something you can only access, or replace the icons with simply text, as loading of the XMB in game is slow as hell. When you're not playing a game, it's quite the fastest thing around...getting in and out of menus is lighting fast!

Styxoric3729d ago

Exactly the way i'm experiencing the XMB. It's annoying.

SMW3729d ago

Personally not a fan of the article. Seems to just be a whinge-fest.

Thats just me though. On a positive note, your grammar and editing is up to par which is more than I can say about most game journalists.

andrewsqual3729d ago

I welcomed the hard drive installs since day 1. Every PS3 has a hard drive so developers should take advantage of it.
Like someone said above at least it doesn't break every 3 months. My European launch PS3 is still going strong today and I expect it to give out any day now.
Game updates are absolutely awesome this generation What do you mean by updates anyway? Xbox owners got the exact same motorbike DLC for Burnout Paradise that was a 500mb download too??? You don't think its awesome that LBP1 receives support even 2 years after its out?
The backup save thing?? Killzone 2 comes to mind but thats about it. EA are the only ones who enforce it because they don't want someone to give their friend a 100% save file when they can go on the PS Store and purchase the 100% game pack for a tenner.
Backwards compatibility? PS3 came out with backwards compatibility, people wouldn't buy the machine, Sony took it out, machine was cheaper (40gb now), everybody wanted PS2 playback, you didn't buy the machine when it had it so screw you. That sums that up.
XMB: one of the greatest graphical user interfaces ever. Way better then the current Xbox menu and miles better then the God awful blades system.
To sum it up, article fail

N311V3729d ago

It was well written, something I find lacking in many game journalists. I felt your criticisms were all valid and well supported with reason although I disagree with one of them. I'm glad games get patched, back in the PS2 days I was also a PC gamer so I was already familiar with patches (commony called updates at the time). PS2 games still had bugs, problem was you could almost guarantee no patch was coming to fix them. So I'm glad console games now get patches but it is a slippery slope, are developers (more likely publishers) just saying get it on the shelves and selling you can patch it later?

nskrishna23729d ago

very well written dude!
And every point is truly valid and this should be seen by some Sony exce.
They need to know what PS3 owners want

keke9613729d ago

I actually thought this was gonna be some opinion piece of where some 360 biased dude was trashing the ps3, but i pretty much agree with most of ur article, good read

Christopher3729d ago

You had me up until the very last item. The "XMB" seemed like you just throwing tons of features into one big item rather than individually identifying a single issue. You kind of took your time in laying out individual items in the first 4, and then on the last one you just pretty much threw the rest of the the household items into one big topic.

I do think you writing would be improved by noting in the various items that most of these are not solely the issue with the PS3 and an issue with modern-day HD gaming consoles. Even BC is an issue on my 360 where I still own a few Xbox games that I still can't play on my 360. My Jade Empire, for example, crashes at the exact same spot about an hour into the game on my 360, but not on my Xbox (which is now the property of my nephews).

FinalSpartan3729d ago

alot of improvements still needed.

Zimmerman3729d ago

Really, we shouldn't be "used" to the idea of having a PS3 at all. It's an amazing world we live in, let's not take it for granted.

Next time you turn your gaming console on, take a moment to dwell on its existence. Not only is it an amazing feat of engineering, but the mere fact that YOU can use it for entertainment is something that we should not EXPECT to be an option.

In the end, the PS3 is one of the many miracles of nature. We happen to be alive at the right time and location in the universe to take advantage of it. One day it might not be around anymore.

There are a lot more than 5 things we shouldn't be used to, good and bad. I'll accept a few negatives as inevitable and just try to be thankful, myself.

ClimateKaren3729d ago

#1 Game updates aren't something unique to the console, I wouldn't really put it on my wishlist for PS3 improvement. There isn't much they can do to control it.... Except for the solution that PS+ users have, the ability to auto-download updates. I'd make that the focus of #1

#2 Again, this is an issue more suited to being taken up with developers.

#3 I agree

#4 I hear you, but I'm pretty sure that this functionality can't be patched in. I'm pretty sure the BC PS3s that didn't have the EE chip still had some kind of hardware dedicated to emulation. I could be mistaken about that...

#5 I agree, it could use improvements, but I think it's been beefed up to the point where the hardware can't handle any more. I've always thought it might be smarter to refrain from displaying XMB icons that can't be accessed in order to free resources for additional functionality, but I get the feeling that if it hasn't been done by now there must be good reason. The issue of background music is in the hands of developers by the way, the functionality is there and very few games take advantage of it. I guess they could push to make it mandatory. I'd certainly like it to become the norm.

FFXI1013729d ago

1.Not a problem. Update, patch usually doesn't take long.

2.Still not a problem. Buy a replacement HDD, they don't cost much. I have a 500GB and a 320GB HDD and I haven't even use the 500GB one yet. As for the install part some games has opinion to not to install(that's up to the developer)

3.That's really annoying I know, then again they have the right to do so. To me is not a such bad thing, cause people can't just copy other's saved file then use it on their own system to unlock trophy or in-game achievement or cheat.

4. I had a 60GB system with PS2 Backwards compatibility before, it was good but I never really use it.

I was too busy playing PS3 games. Is good thing to have it but they had to reduce the cost of making the PS3, I can understand and accept that. I believe sooner ot later they are going to release PS2 games on PSN just like they did with the PSOne, so it doesn't make sense for them to add PS2 BC now.

5.I like the way XMB now. Not only I get used to it, I like the features and funtions on PSN and XMB. Cross game chat and other things you mention above, it'll be nice to have them, but it won't kill me if I don't have them. Is not something I desperately NEED it.

Then again they always working on something to improve the PSN so you never know. Most importantly.. they do listen to us.

SCEA(or sony's first party developer) constantly send out the surveys and chat with fans and answer questions on playstation forum and blog. I had one survey recently that asking me what I think about the PS reward program and what I'd like to see in the future(or changes) you can contribute your idea to the discussion on their blog, forum. We can all do our part to make PSN, XMB a better online experience for us gamers.

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thebudgetgamer3730d ago

1. same as 360 the only difference is the install
2. i install wether it's mandatory or not ps3/360
3. cant really say much.
4. i didnt buy a ps3 to play ps2 games. if you bought a ps3 that doesnt play ps2 games dont complain. there was an option for ps3's with bc.
5. doesnt microsoft hold patents for that?

Soldierone3730d ago

Was going to say the same thing. I owned a 60GB PS3 and at first yeah I played PS2 titles because Resistance was the only thing out for years. Then suddenly games released and i didnt touch PS2 titles anymore. I gladly purchased a Slim and have no worries about PS2 BC.

And also yes microsoft owns rights to that stuff in a certain degree.

PS3Blog3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Well the first PS3 I had was the 60gig and I played God of War 1 and 2 on it. But yes as the years have past I play PS3 games only. Then why is Sony releasing PS1 games almost weekly? I have tried a PS1 game on my PS3 and my eyes started to bleed :P

Interesting that Microsoft owns certain rights.

thebudgetgamer3730d ago

yea, i guess they can do it with individual games but not universally.

FFXI1013729d ago

@thebudgetgamer I lol when I saw your avatar, I love that show.

SpitFireAce853730d ago

"The PS3 has been out now for just shy of five years"

I believe the PS3 will hit 5 years on Nov 17th 2011
so call me stupid but almost 10 months to go is not
just shy of 5 years...

Buffniceguy3730d ago Show
Istanbull3730d ago

You're right. The PS3 launched in march 2007 in Europe. It isn't even out for 4 years yet lol.

PS3Blog3730d ago

Apologies about this, I miss calculated.

Silly Mammo3730d ago

You flamebaiting, fanboy hypocrite!! Obviously you are in the left pocket of M$!!!

Just kidding!! But get used to getting this alot if you decide to write opinion pieces. :o)

Godmars2903730d ago

Game Updates: How are updates an exclusive PS3 issue? That's something everyone should be complaining especially if they don't have online and are dealing with a game breaking bug.

Installs: should have been optional.

Copyrighted Save Games: Yeah, stupid.

PS2 BC: How do you get use to not having something - some of us - don't have?

The XMB: what does cross game chat actually have to do with the XMB? No folders? Try pressing the Square button sometime.