How Long Until Burgeoning Kinect Hacks Become Mainstream? writes: "We’ve been privy to Kinect adult games and now Angry Birds Kinect. Amazing (and perverse) work so far, but with Microsoft – and 3rd party developers – emphasizing non-traditional games and these hacks being far from amazing new gaming experiences, will these newfangled applications ever prove plausible for the common gamer?"

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darthv723734d ago

the indie game development side of xbla? That seems like a good place for some of these neat little uses for kinect.

Question is, will MS officially support indie kinect development like they did 360.....?

ThePimpOfSound3734d ago

Well, Asus is releasing a PC motion controller powered by the same technology as Kinect, and it will supposedly support an app store for third-party developers to sell their own gesture-powered software. Commercialization of these hacks is what it will take for them to go mainstream.

That said, I'm skeptical that Asus can pull it off. They're not a software company. If Microsoft ever creates a plug-and-play PC driver for Kinect, along with an app store for third-party creations, I'm sure the crazy hacks would take off. When that'll happen, of course, is the question.