GameZone: Magicka Preview

"Comedy is tough to do in games. You can probably count the number of games that have made you laugh on one three-fingered hand. But games have one advantage over films and books when it comes to making people laugh: the ability to generate funny situations through interactivity. Unscripted hilarity."

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TheSanchezDavid3730d ago

This looks like a lot of fun. I like the old-school design, and the developer's emphasis on making the game have some funny moments in it seems interesting. This is the kind of game that you play with a buddy, only to lash out at that person for making a big mistake, then laughing when you make one. Hopefully it gets ported to consoles when it launches.

jzungre3730d ago

Yeah it made me feel like it would really be fun for those kinds of people who only play Dungeons & Dragons to mess with other players. It's chock full o' opportunities for stuff like that.

UndeadAreGo3729d ago

I have to say, Paradox is slowly winning me over.

jzungre3729d ago

they are gutsy with the games they publish. gotta respect that.

TomFG3729d ago

Looking interesting. Don't think I've ever played a comedy game, but BioWare games normally have good character humour mixed in. HK-47 is one of my favourite characters in any game, period.