GameZone: Two Worlds II PC Review

"By turns engrossing and frustrating, the game will appeal much more to those willing to look beyond the obvious flaws and those who enjoy B-movies because of their charm. For everyone else, Two Worlds II will comfortably fill the RPG gap until Dragon Age II, providing plenty of hours of saving damsels, assisting smiths and slaying interesting beasts."

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TheSanchezDavid3734d ago

Looks fun, but I'd rather play the console version.

ATiElite3734d ago

Well if you have time Two worlds II will keep you busy until The Witcher 2 is released but the PC has a ton of exclusives coming out plus AAA multi -plats so TwII may get lost in the shuffle.

I've already passed on Gothic 4 and now Two worlds II, The Witcher 2, Dragon Age 2, and Elder Scrolls V have me spoiled.

barefootgamer3734d ago

Nice to see that the game isn't as horrible as everyone thought it might be.

athmaus3734d ago

i would rater place console version

WhiteNoise3734d ago

I knew it was going to be generic. Don't believe the hype.

alee3734d ago

The reviews of the PC and console versions seem to have such different conclusions, more than would be accounted for by the differences between the versions. It makes it hard to tell what to make of this.