6 Things We Want For the PSP2

With the rumored PSP2 announcement set for this Friday, I though it would be a good time to list off of some features I hope Sony is readying for its next portable outing!

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StbI9903734d ago

The hype bandwagon is getting kind of big.

lil Titan3734d ago

Why wouldnt it? people are saying its as powerfull as the PS3 if thats not hype i dont know what is. on another note i dont think it'll play PS2 games, not because i dont think its not technically advanced but where would the R2 an L2 buttons be? i assume there are two analog sticks this time but it must be slim for just R1 and L1 buttons right?

IRetrouk3734d ago

cant wait, i am excited to see what they have done with this, the psp was an awsume handheld, it will probs be expensive, but then again, you have to pay for the latest tech, as ling as it hits under 3 hundred pounds im happy.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3734d ago

I'm hoping for no more than $250.

Stephen55433734d ago

I'd be incredibly surprised if this is 250

maruyuki3734d ago

of course its going to be more than $250

$250 was the ds pricing why in the hell would it be less or the same as that?

when has a sony product ever cost less than a nintendo product? espcially with all the spec rumors people are throwing around its at least going to be $400, $300 maybe but very doubtful.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3734d ago



13 hours 35 mins

nevin13734d ago

I hope you can have multiple accounts on the PSP2 like you can on the PS3. Especially if indeed the PSP2 will incorporate trophies. I mean sure im not the only who let people play their PSP over the years. Im not a trophy fan but I rather unlock trophies when im playing.

Optical_Matrix3734d ago

Here's my ideal spec list:

Custom quad core - 1Ghz CPU
Tegra 2 GPU
720p resolution
HDMI out
5-7 hours battery life
4.5-5" OLED Screen
Two analog sticks
3G (Maybe even 4G, but that'll sacrifice battery life of course)
App Support (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube) etc etc
If it saves money then no internal memory. I don't mind Sony sticking to magic gate for PSP2 since the sticks are cheap these days.

Might have left something out...but this is my dream handheld gaming device.

supremacy3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I agree with you on that, but I think i see the psp2 as a device made from the best things on the psp and pspgo.

16gb internal is a must with an expansion to add 32gbs more to that, which will certainly make it a contender to apples ipad and such. Which is (lets not deny this) what sony wants.

Ps2 HD remakes are a sign of things to come, sooner or later Sony will start making space for these on the store and these you shoud be able to purchase and download from the ps store straight to your psp2 with trophy support.
Which I believe will finally come to the psp, and that in itself will seperate the two platforms going forward.

Imagine cross platform messaging between the psp2 and ps3 platforms.

Trophies on the psp2 should technically also be the trophies on your current psn account.

So if you own both platforms, it should be 2 platforms one ID.

1gb of ram on the final build this time around sony, this platform should be able to multitask and load faster at that.
This is if the psp2 is to stay relevant for years to come, because we all know portable devices are becoming more powerful as time goes on.

Would have loved an L2 and R2 buttons, but I suppose you cant ask for too much. Just the thought of a game like uncharted without the use of these buttons makes me wonder of what kind of effect it will have on traditional uncharted gameplay.

No need to mention the games,because I know there will be around come D day.

Pricing I am honestly looking at 300- 350 and maybe even as much as 400. And thats being realistic, dont know if it ill be anyhigher and honestly I really dont care.

Just give me a decent battery life and we are golden.

Would also love the ability to access my netflix account from my psp2 and watch movies on the go provided the speeds are right.

Check my messages my psn buddies mighta left me from my psp2. Ect.

EverydayGuy3734d ago

If the PSP2 have hdmi out, then I hope it will support the DS3.

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