Bulletstorm Demo Gameplay

The Koalition: Here is a quick playthrough of the Bulletstorm demo, which as you may already know was released on Xbox live and PlayStation Network today. After playing the demo I can safely say that this game has been added to my must buy list.

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teedogg803735d ago

Don't know about anyone else but I think this game is awesome!

kramun3735d ago

Hehe, it looks fantastic. I'm gonna download the demo later and check it out for myself.

000000000000000000013735d ago

After playing the Demo the game will not be added to my play list.

Perjoss3735d ago

thanks for sharing, care to add some reasons why you didn't like it?

JeffGUNZ3735d ago

I will explain. I was so pumped for this game until I downloaded the demo. Game feels rushed. The graphics are sub-par, the "combo kills" get old quick and the game just isn't fun. I was really getting into this game until I played it.

Theyellowflash303735d ago

I'll explain why I thought it was it bit lame. The game seems geared toward the ADD compulsive 14 year old. I mean this game should come with the Gears of War 3 beta and a pack of ritalin. The story doesn't look appealing at all but i understand that this game isn't heavily story focused. A lot of the gameplay mechanics are kind of like been there done that. I will say the shooting feels good, the controls are good, and the graphics look good but overall there just isn't enough story elements and new gameplay twists that will make me buy this or even want to play it.

Legionaire20053735d ago

This maybe be a little off topic but this relates to Epic and Insomniac games. Fact!!! Gears of War and Resistance series release around the same time as each other!!! I guess both game studios has been spying on each other lol!!! Its really true. Gears of War and resistance part 1 release 2006, Gears and Resistance part 2 release 2008, and now Gears and Resistance part 3 is coming out this fall most likely in September for both. Both storylines are very similar with the doomsday for mankind concept where in part 3 both have the alien side at a huge advantage. Resistance and Gears are brothers lol!!! By the way Bulletstorm was a short but good demo. Can it compete with Duke Nukem don't know about that call them brothers too lol!!!

MarcusFenixITA3735d ago

Nice story ... but what's your point?

Legionaire20053735d ago

You don't get it? Their games are very similiar to each other they release around the same time, so since Gears 3 don't have a release date yet in the fall, its mostly likely going to release in September to compete with Resistance 3. They have been following each other's development cycle. That's my point, not just a some story, but fact. Gears 1 11/7/06, Gears 2, 11/12/08, and Gears 3 could be 9/?/??. Resistance 1 11/17/06, Resistance 2 11/4/08, and the awaited 9/6/11 for Resistance 3. See what I mean now?

MarcusFenixITA3735d ago

Hi, yep now I can follow you ... nice facts!!

ghostgaming3735d ago

Before the demo - i did not pay much attention to this game and was really putting this as a pass.

After playing the demo, i must admit i enjoyed it. I thought the gameplay and controls were good, graphics were ok (nothing spectacular, but not horrible either), but it was fun and this is now a possible purchase