DC Universe Online - Video Comparison PC vs. PS3

Games Aktuell has released a video that shows both the PS3 and the PC version of DC Universe Online. Can you tell the difference?

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negroguy3735d ago

I was actually surprised that 52% of sales were on PS3 but the real test will be how many are returning next month. Ill be returning since i enjoy the game for now, they just need to keep their end with the monthly updates.

thereapersson3735d ago

But this game looks really fun. I like the graphical style, too. WoW is too cartoon-y for my taste; DC:U looks to have more of a serious edge, IMO.

SuperKing3735d ago

It was even more surprising that the PS3 version was more expensive too. I guess there is a demand for MMO's on consoles.

FanboyPunisher3735d ago

Apparently this is a highly unfurnished game, it isnt being sold like crazy on PC because we know better than to jump on the MMO boats right when they leave sink.

Drekken3735d ago

They should have put some couches and chairs in this game so FanboyPunisher would have bought it.

AssassinHD3735d ago

Do you avoid jumping on the boat when they leave port to sink, or do they sink because you don't jump on the boat?


That is correct, 52% on PS3 but doesn't count PC digital distribution sales like Steam.

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hakis863735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Both versions look great, not THAT big of a difference IMO, except the PC has higer res textures.
(didn't watch the entire video..)

zero_cool3734d ago

I got news for you PS3 is able to have high res textures on everything where there needed even in very large scaled games & don't you use but it has low memory as a counter point because playstation 3 has a very flexible memory architecture that's very efficient & optimizable.

Also the rsx isn't the only processor capable of tracing entire scenes in high definition on it's own...

im tired of the stupid people with fixed notion that having lower specs specs automatically declares consoles as being weak & unable to have refined polish visuals,physics,ai ect.. because they couldn't be furtherest from the truth.

Dawale3735d ago

What a pointless video comparison.

Ifone3734d ago

It's only usefull fir pc dreamers thinking that pc games have way better graphics than ps3 exclusives (most if them have better graphics than pc like graohics from dc universe)

Bebedora3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

So, if I have a PII 450MHz, 512MB RAM and 64MB Gfx card, I have a PC?

Some people think a PC is a PC...that's all I am opposed to when it comes to the rhetoric with PC vs Consoles.

Masterchef20073734d ago

i watched the video and the quality of the vid wasnt that good. But i am assuming that both the PS3 and PC version of the game look good