MVC3: Netcode, balance and rejects

Eurogamer: With Marvel vs. Capcom 3 nearing its February launch, Eurogamer sat down with director and producer Ryota Niitsuma to get some last-minute details on one of 2011's most exciting fighting games. Read on for the latest on character balance, netcode and rejected superheroes, and discover how the game will pit rage quitters against each other.

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ApexHell3730d ago

decent read here :) great interview i love how they implemented the online portion. :)

Myst3730d ago

One question that I would like to be asked in a future interview is perhaps a sneak peak on DLC characters or something. I know many would ask about Megaman and if he might make an appearance as DLC.

Thepro3183730d ago

i read on the roster leak guy's twitter that megaman was rule out because he wasnt very interesting character to the staff.