Rumor: PSP2 Final Specs Already Revealed ? writes:
Discover the configuration of the PSP 2 preview
While Sony's new handheld is expected to be announced officially in a few days, reliable sources have confirmed its characteristics. Detailed review.

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TreMillz3362d ago

Wow...what a beast this thing will be...

Cartesian3D3362d ago

I dont know about you guys..
Im a total tech geek.. and I can tell this is A TOTAL BEAST..
it actually can make PS3 graphics on 960 x 544 resolution.. even better.

OMG !! a quad core A9 CPU and its just the CPU and quad F***ing core SGX 543 ... I cant believe what I see

meetajhu3362d ago

Billions of blue blistering barnacles QUAD CORE CPU+GPU SGX543MP4 and 1gb memory OMFG i'm running mad!!!!

StbI9903362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )


Fck 3DS, peace brothas

visualb3361d ago

cant access site o.O
f*ck these googe.translate sites.

anyone copy the info fr me plz =D curious!

DeadlyFire3361d ago

Spounds nice.

The CPU I am clueless about its power. Quad core is nice function, but what about speed? I have never examined an ARM CPU.

GPU is quite nice. I was expecting 4 core. Likely it will hold just enough power to run right at or right under PS3 line for PS3 quality graphics.

512 MB of RAM. Quite an extreme for mobile platform. Has just as much ram as a PS3 or X360.

Physical media is likely, but where is it? Mini-Blu-Ray ? download only? We will see tomorrow. :)

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Stealth20k3362d ago

and a cart physical medium is confirmed

-Superman-3362d ago

1. Two analog sticks
2. Good grahpic - Thank god they upgraded grahpic not like 3DS what has same grahpic like in PSP
3. Online - Multiplayer 3G. Hell yea
4. Great games. Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance... big PS3 exclusives will be on PSP2 for sure

GodofSackboy3362d ago

Wow i wasn't sure about this but it looks like a beast I'm buying it

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The story is too old to be commented.