GT5 vs Forza 3

For the new people here don’t bother claiming bias or any such nonsense against me over this comic, I don’t enjoy any racing games which are any more realistic than Burnout Paradise City or Carmageddon.

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DelbertGrady2851d ago

Funny comic! And very true.

kancerkid2850d ago

How I have always felt about the two series is talked about in one comic... awesome.

Bounkass2851d ago

Ugh... How does this have to continue? If you like Forza, buy Forza. If you like Gran Turismo, but Gran Turismo. It's as simple as that...

NegativeCreepWA2851d ago

Being the the only two racing games I still play. I must say I'm tired of both of them. With Forza and GT5 it seems more like a job to buy cars anymore. Its just the same thing I've been doing since the first GT.

MGRogue20172851d ago

Not this shit again.... O_O

Troll_Police2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

GT5 is already at 6 million copies sold so this is no competition here.

kazman2851d ago

i thought sales didn't matter?

WhiteNoise2851d ago

I see what you did there, the old fanboy logic switcharoo...

I thought quality>sales...or is sales or that matters now...

Just remember your B.S when someone points out that halo 3 sold 4x as many units as KZ2.

N4WAH2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

And cookie cutter COD games which is regurgitated year after year out sells them all.
What was the point again?

Ryudo2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Ok thanks for confirming that, Sales = quality Wii sports, Call Of Duty and Halo are the best games this generation then I take it.

edhe2851d ago

5.32 isn't 6.

Still, that's millions of dissapointed fans.

BrianG2851d ago

Hey, I'm one of those, and far from disappointed.

I agree what Troll Police is doing is stupid, saying sales = quality. But that doesn't mean everyone who bought GT5 is disappointed.

Bounkass2850d ago Show
Hanif-8762850d ago

I'm also one of those 6 million and a happy one at that. Also, vgcharts is an unreliable source so don't go listing them.

nycredude2850d ago

edhe it was that like months ago Guarantee it over 6 million.

"millions of dissappointed fans".

Great logic kind of like this below
51.3 million 360s sold LTD

Millions of dissappointed gamers.

It's so easy to be a douche.

edhe2850d ago

@brianG - all my friends who've bought it have already traded it back in for lbp2 after feeling it just wasn't up to snuff.

@bounkass - it's got a decade of pedigree which is better than any advertising campaign.

@deadlyspartan - we all know vgchartz isn't 100% but it's better than <insert another open source of numbers here>

@nycredude - millions of RROD, so you're not wrong.

cobpswii36002850d ago

Disappointed? How could anyone be disappointed with he best racing game ever made? I know I'm not. GT5 is amazing.

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evilunklebud2850d ago

By that logic McDoanld's is the best restaurant in the world...

hoops2850d ago

Funny Troll Police. You always tell N4G.COM community that sales do not matter when a certain Xbox360 game outsells most PS3 games.
Now all of a sudden you are stating how sales matter?
Will you be saying this if KZ3 does not outsell Halo Reach? LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.