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jay23731d ago

Downloading, yes I brought XBL Gold for this and the crysis 2 beta for a month.

saladthieves3731d ago

Downloading both Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo (1.80 GB) and the Bulletstorm demo (1.08 GB). Can't wait!

Winter47th3731d ago

Crysis has the worst lag imaginable and practically should be labled as an ALPHA & Bulletstorm doesn't have Matchmaking. Enjoy your GOLD.

kissmeimgreek3731d ago

Thats why its a beta... So the devs can work out all of the kinks dumbass. Did you really expect them to have mp down perfectly months before the release? Oh and dont forget this is cryteks first MP attemp with cryengine 3 on consoles.

jetlian3731d ago

early in the morning it was a lot of europe matches. just got off and most people had 3 bars.

jay23731d ago

Wow, Crysis plays terably, at least you don't have to pay for weapons, upgrades etc in the Bulletstorm demo, but that demos very short and you can't even track your skill shots wtf!

candystop3731d ago

It's a beta and plays better than most shooters including KZ. Bullet storm seems ok but in all honesty I just want info on the Gears beta.

DanteFoxx3730d ago

why buy gold. i created a gmail account opened a new silver xbox account with first month free gold downloaded demo then swithched to main account and played. sure it took 10 10 minutes to do that to play the 5 min demo but it was free....
xbox our love affair is ending

TronEOL3731d ago

If only I wasn't so damn tired, I'd dust off my Xbox360 and get this demo now. But I guess I'll wait until tomorrow and I'm stoked for this too since I've been curious about it for a while.

MGRogue20173731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

It's nothing special.. very short & nothing too different from other FPS's like... wait for it, CoD: Black Ops.

The skill system is completely useless, it's not fun to use.. It's simply there to give you something to do other than pulling that same trigger & merely shooting each enemy.

The environments look very bland also.. and what's up with all the blue scenery..? stupid unreal 3 engine..

y0haN3731d ago

It's nothing like Black Ops and it's far from bland. If you didn't have fun with this demo it's a lack of creativity on your part.

lowcarb3731d ago

So what exactly were you expecting to be different. Other then possibly the best console graphics seen there's not much they could do. A FPS is a FPS so if it's not enough then simply go join the army or something. Oh wait...your not old enough lol. go figure

Baka-akaB3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

The game was never touted to feature the best graphics , nor what it was its flagship .

ALL the emphasis was actually on the zany gameplay .

That you dont like it , i can understand ... but saying it's the same as the epitom of genericness , the fun factor killer and borefest that is COD ? Preposterous .

i havent seen a fps game that focus on raw action like that since quake 3 or serious sam .. to my great sadness .
Sure it's requiring as much as skill as quake 2 or 3 ... but it's a beginning ... after a suffocating sea of ww2 or modern pseudo realistic and team based mostly shooter

jetlian3731d ago

is the best looking game on consoles. crysis2 looks good sometimes. the lighting from inside to outside really good

finbars753731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

WHOOA I dont think so buddy.Listen I have all three consoles and I played Crysis2 and its pretty good when playing outside but when in the building looks terrible but to say that bulletstorm is the best looking console game plzzzz.The Killzone3 beta looked better then this.Now dont get me wrong the game looks awsome for what it is.I did enjoy playing more then anything but I wouldnt dare say its the best looking game.If you dont believe that I have an xbox then add me maltice75 and finbras75 is the ps3.That way I dont hear you people whinning that im a fanboy.I like to be openminded to other games and consoles.

jetlian3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

all 3 too kz is too dark. and the textures are of a lower res

DanteFoxx3730d ago

it was ok way to short. looks like if gears had a baby with enslaved. I think it'll be a fun brainless game for friends and multiplayer

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Strange_Evil3731d ago

When will it be available for Silver members?

OC_MurphysLaw3731d ago

probably never...or atleast not until after the game comes out. Its my guess...but its one way MS gives value to Gold Accounts.

Strange_Evil3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Usually I get the demos a week after the Gold members, so was asking the question. Am really psyched for checking out the gameplay of BS.. Guess I'll just play it on the PS3 then and get the 360 one later on for comparison.

Why the stupid disagrees, I asked a question?

MGRogue20173731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

In a weeks time.. same goes for Crysis 2's demo.

y0haN3731d ago

Which they won't be able to play online.

Raven_Nomad3731d ago

The demo is fantastic. Two great demo's on XBL today. Bullestorm is by far the most imaginative and fun FPS I've ever played! I originally pre ordered the Epic edition simply for the Gears 3 beta, but now I'm super excited for the actual game itself. Great job Epic!

Sarevok3731d ago

Why don't you just steal it? ya know, like you said you were going to do with ps3 games?


Raven_Nomad3731d ago

Why would I need to steal a free demo? Your just not making any sense.

Redempteur3731d ago


Sarevok probably was talking about the "actual game" you mentionned

Sarevok3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

''ordered the Epic edition simply for the Gears 3 beta''

Redempteur had to explain it to you.
Can't blame ya tho...pirates are stupid.

Raven_Nomad3730d ago

I don't think I'd risk trying to go online with something I stole on the XBox 360. I just got a new 360s after all.

Sarevok3730d ago

You must be from freakin bizzaro world lol...

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