TGV: It’s not just a review; It’s a story

A look at the nature of reviews and the way they are written.

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Herminator3735d ago

He says to register on Reddit, as if it's the new hip thing after twitter, and not a 6 year old website.

borisfett3735d ago

High quality gaming reviews are almost impossible to find in this industry.

I know of only two places that manage it, and they’re both magazines –GamesTM and EDGE. These are the only review sources about that I even remotely care about.

IGN’s video game reviews have always been shit. So have GameSpot’s. As far as good reviewing goes, the best you’ll find is probably EuroGamer.

Applederp3735d ago

Giantbomb does some pretty good reviews too.

Applederp3735d ago


Sidology3735d ago

You know, this is the exact reason I never bother to read reviews at IGN. While everything else is top-notch, reviews are almost always lacking in some department.

Realistically, you have to take your readers on a journey to keep them interested.

A child's tale doesn't interest adults. Your readers are adults, you should write for adults.