Greg Miller's response to criticism of his Dead Space 2 Review

Greg Miller has been verbally shot up at for his Dead Space 2 review that people are calling out as something "a middle school kid reviewed". To counter, Greg has posted on his blog that this was the first time he's heard of Reddit and that after reading through the comments, he's pissed. Of course, that hasn't prevented one user from providing a witty response.


Not sure which N4G moderator changed the title from "Best Response to IGN's Dead Space 2 Review", because the story is NOT about Greg Miller's response. It's about the community's response.

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insertcoin3734d ago

Up-voted just for having a Berserk avatar.

LORD-PHOENIX3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

and his need to have a dig at a ps3 exclusive in that poorly written review was hilarious

IGN really has lost soo much credibility over the past year,people need to stop worshipping them and bring IGN back down to earth, Greg's arrogance STINKS

DaBadGuy3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Up voted for up voting Berserk avatars. Guts kicks ass, I mean hell, his name is Guts and he was born from the corpse of his mother hanging from a tree.

That's fucking metal.

BTW: IGN posting a shitty review isnt really news anymore.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


Just stop supporting IGN if you don't like it.

Gamespot is more reliable and informative when it comes to Games than IGN.

rjdofu3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

No, they both suck IMO.

Want some proofs?

CrIpPeN3734d ago

haha yeah it was kinda kiddy review, he usually reviews smackdown vs raw series, I think.

dbjj120883734d ago

Greg Miller's first drafts are usually written in crayon.

Kon3734d ago

What is wrong with the review?

ugabugaz3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Well,the whole thing came out of a reddit thread, so check that out if you want to see what's wrong with it. Won't link you, you can find it, I think. Pretty much they said it was as if a middle schooler wrote it.

morganfell3734d ago

What is wrong with it? Where were you educated?

As I stated elsewhere, it is one thing for you and I to write free form on boards and sites such as this but a review from a prominent site such as IGN should carry with it a degree of professionalism. Such professionalism should entail a modicum of grammatical correctness. Instead we are treated to disjointed sentences, run on writing, and the punctuation of an ADD affected 10 year old.

VenomProject3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"addandsubtract 29 points 8 hours ago[-]
I didn't write anything in middle school and failed.

Rednys 12 points 6 hours ago[-]
At the least you were a rebel and an outcast instead of an idiot who cannot write."


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