Dead Space 2 "Hardcore Mode" is Hardcore

The escapist writes "Dead Space 2 will include an unlockable 'Hardcore mode' that throws players into the action at the highest difficulty level with only three saves for the entire game."

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jay24445d ago

Can't wait to get my paws on this :) hardest mode first, then 'Hard core'!

Jaces4445d ago

wonder if its like only 3 saves per level/stage.

Only 3 saves throughout the entire game is crazy.

kramun4445d ago


Apparently it's 3 saves for the entire game, lol that sounds like it could be quite a challenge.

Jaces4445d ago

Wow, might have to save that for the weekend then. ;P

saladthieves4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

Oh crap...hardest difficulty with 3 saves for the entire game?? That has to be absolutely frustratingly hard...but I look forward to the challenge...come to think of it, 3 saves for the entire thing?? You have to be crazy!

Blaine4445d ago

It's not so bad, really. It's a linear game so, worse comes to worst, you have to re-do a few hours. Sucks, but it could be... worse.

multipayer4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

No saves used to be the norm, I don't really consider this increased difficulty. I always used to lose right at the cheap final bosses, that just sucked. Never Again.

Soldierone4445d ago

It also makes the game more "scary" haha. I have it, when crap pops out and runs out you, you seriously are ready to pee your pants. Then you laugh when its over, most fun ive had in a long while!

MegaMohsi4445d ago

I wonder what the surprise is? @ above wouldnt it make sense to go easy first get the game through then go hardcore lol unless you're sadistic like that

jay24445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

I always play games on the hardest avalible setting straight away, I.E. I'll play 'Hard' if there's Easy, Normal and Hard.
@Jaces: it's 3 saves throughout the full game.

Blaine4445d ago

You have to unlock the mode! Can't start out on it.

Besides, with only 3 saves, it'll be advantageous to play it on a lower difficulty first (not like you'll have the choice anyway!) and learn where it'll be best to use those saves.

NYC_Gamer4445d ago

i will have to beat this mode even if it causes rage

Passthemic4445d ago

More Deadspace is always a good thing.

Kon4445d ago

Obvious headline is obvious

Quagmire4445d ago

Lol, whats next, Dead Space 3 is set in...Space?

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The story is too old to be commented.