Region Locking is Awful

Craig from TV and Lust explores common rationale purported by console manufacturers for region locking, and why nothing seems to hold water.

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MintBerryCrunch3735d ago

if anything, MS and Nintendo will follow suit and go the way of Sony and make next gen games region free (here's to hoping for the most obvious solution)

saoco3735d ago

yea that's another + to the ps3

Mahr3735d ago

"Region Locking is Awful"

Real talk.

256bit3735d ago

even though initialD extreme stage is only avail in the east i still got my hands on it. But thanks to the internet i got around the JP menu just fine.

anasurimbor3735d ago

How is that game anyway? What's the draw?

256bit3735d ago

if you played the arcade version. this is a little difference cuz of the physics.but it still pretty much plays a little bit the same.

rambler3735d ago

It's weird when Americans talk about importing as something strange, and I am always a little bemused when people are reluctant to import things. I guess it isn't as common in America and Japan because they usually get all the releases. I live in Australia and I, and a lot of people I know/talk to import quite a bit. Around 95% of the games I buy are imported.

PickAShoe3735d ago

what about the other 5%?! no game left behind for me! /roar!

PickAShoe3735d ago

geohot should work on breaking the region lock. we must fight the system! whose with me?! i got my torch ready.

UltimateIdiot9113735d ago

I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic here or something but PS3 is region free except for DLC content (which you can just get around by creating an account for that region) and Bluray (most Blurays are region free). All PS3 games are region.

Mahr3735d ago

"PS3 is region free"

PS1 games, PS2 games, and standard DVDs are most certainly not region free.

"most Blurays are region free"

And the other 30% of them are region-locked.

PickAShoe3734d ago

u know its not just ps3 I am mentioning.