Meristation: Dead Space 2 Review

ConclusionDead Space 2 is again a great game, despite not innovate in paragraph playable and drink a lot of elements that we have seen in the original, slightly polished these features to deliver a more fluid gameplay, dynamic and intense.However, the main element of interest is the narrative before us, worthy of the greats of the genre and leaves far behind the advance slightly less than the previous release mechanic.The secondary characters and the inner struggle of Isaac Clarke are excellent and add much value to a title which, thanks to their different levels of difficulty, fits like a glove with the requirements of each type of user.The multiplayer goes almost unnoticed despite being a funny addition, but the exquisite setting and narrative of the main quest become the absolute protagonists of a game that maintains the highest standards in all sections, even if you do not risk too innovate.

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Killzoned3732d ago

Still a great score! Getting this game ASAP!
Lowest score i've so far

olos3732d ago

seriously why do reviewers complain about innovation when they give call of duty and halo blushing reviews when they do nothing new and just add new maps for the most part.....