Microsoft Adds Bing To Xbox Live, Web Browser On The Way?

DerangedShaman: "When I fired up my 360 today, I was greeted with a cool Bing app on the dashboard. The app features Halo Reach Videos, Walk-troughs and strategies".

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Xbox360PS3AndPC3731d ago

Nice, Looks Like More Features On The Way

alien6263731d ago

more like payed features...u saying u getting things for free but ur not u paying for them

kaveti66163730d ago

That's true.

But they're adding more value to the service, so it's still positive news.

Then again, internet browsers are free on other platforms, so maybe they're not adding any value.

Idk, I canceled my service yesterday.

AAACE53730d ago

No Life - When someone is more concerned with what other people are doing and how they spend their time and money because their situation is not entertaining enough.

Why do people still constantly feel the need to bash the 360 and repeat the same shit over and over again? Yeah, we know we have to pay for XBL... we are the one's [aying for it remember!

Reguardless what you think of it, people see something in it that they like.

I have a Ps3 and this may be hard fo you to accept, but besides a few great looking games... the Ps3 has been a letdown for the most part!

Yes it started out with cool shit, but has been lacking lately. It used to have BC, but that's gone. Used to be able to use Hulu, but now only Hulu plus. Still doesn't have cross game chat. Interface still looks as plain as the dashboard the 360 launched with. They have no where near the amount of quality games the Ps2 had.

You can brag about exclusives, but the Playstation brand was built on having the most games! Having high quality exclusives was more of an added bonus.

The 360 lacks in several areas as well, just like the Wii does. But people still see value in owning these consoles.

BTW, you guys keep pointing out that we have to pay for online. Sony and Nintendo would have probably did the same thing if they weren't so far behind the 360. Meaning XBL was already a well established brand, so people wouldn't be willing to pay for a different service that didn't work out too well in the past.

Sony realizes this and are now trying to get you to pay as well with a service called Playstation Plus! You say you get free stuff with PS+, but you are actually renting. If you stop paying, you lose all your extras.

See, they both have their pro's and con't!

Bigpappy3731d ago

I don't see this Bing App on my Dash. Whick country is this guy from?

Neko_Mega3730d ago

It isn't a App, all it is a ad to use Bing to find info on Halo Reach to make yourself a better gamer or at least that is what it tells you.

All it does when you click on it, is just shows you videos and free Bing themes an some reasons to use Bing.

StanLee3730d ago

@ Neko_Mega

Yeah, I don't know who the fuck nut is that wrote this article but he's a fucking moron. Games journalism at it's finest. No wonder no one takes the gaming media seriously.

Troll_Police3731d ago

Web browser on Xbox? How much will they charge for it?

Passthemic3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Why would you assume Microsoft would charge for it? I'm dying to know.

AK463731d ago

Because it's M$. Duh!

femshep3730d ago


=/ bad logic $ony nickles and dimes everyone hate to say

can be said about both companies cause thats what companies do they make money.......capitalism it happens

Aarix3730d ago

Cause Fanboys will be Fanboys look they added Netflix Facebook and twitter to add value to the subscription itself. Disagree with me? Own a ps3? Well fuck off.

SixZeroFour3731d ago

if it was true, there wouldnt be an "additional" cost, it would just be free for gold members, not so much for silver members

Jezuz3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

i see you trolling on every article with "microsoft","x box" or anything similar to it. You are such a troll

Corepred43730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I never would have thought Jezuz would be such a crybaby. and for the people getting mad at other people for saying how much its going to cost. you know nothing from ms comes free

The_Nameless_One3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I am gonna go with $60 a year. I think MS has pulled off the greatest move in gaming history. They actually found a way to charge for services that are other wise free on other platforms. Well they were looking for a way to charge for web browsing ever since the days of netscape. BRAVO MS! Keep up the good work.

hmmmm3730d ago

In the days of Netscape everyone charged for web browsers. The ironic thing is everyone hated MS and accused them of trying to build a monopoly when they made IE free and included it with windows!

The_Nameless_One3730d ago

I think the main reason everyone hated MS making IE "free" those days because the only reason they did it was because Natscape said no when MS offered them to become a part of them. It was very well known that MS did it in order to kill netscape. But whatever man . it's in the past now.

Personally I have no problem with them adding all those services to their Gold subscription. I just think it's freaking genius that they found a way to charge people for services that are other wise free on the PC and PS3. Granted the PS3 web browser is not that good but at least it's free.

dragunrising3730d ago

I'm not sure if I sense sarcasm or your serious, but lets assume your serious. Why in the world would Microsoft charge for a browser? Bing on Xbox would essentially generate ad revenue for them. I'm not here to say, "I love paying for Xbox Live" however its kind of silly to think they would be so dumb to lump bing search as a "feature" of Xbox Live Gold membership.

sjaakiejj3730d ago

Well to be fair, Microsoft charges for everything but their browser, and the only reason they don't is because of the competition.

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gcolley3730d ago

cue immature fanboy drivel.

badkolo3730d ago

as long as it better then the ps3 browser or else its a pointless feature like on the ps3

MGRogue20173730d ago

No, because It will turn out like the PS3, completely hacked.

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