Kinect Hack Shows, Holograms Not so Far Away

The tech behind the Xbox 360's new camera controller, Kinect, is now being used for an impressive—most impressive—new feat: the ability to capture 3D images, transmit them over the internet and display them in holographic form.

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g0green3731d ago

Hopefully some of these cool hacks can be implemented into future games, i got a kinect couple weeks ago and ill be regretting it until some good titles come out

JhawkFootball063731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

There are several good games out for kinect. If none of them interests you, why did you get it at that time in the first place?

fr0sty3731d ago

same reason millions of others like them did... HYPE.

g0green3731d ago

ahahah no ive had some fun with it no doubt and mostly bought it cuz a bunch of my buds were getting it, but as of now there arnt any games that have me coming back, but some of the tgs announed games definately look promising

Fishy Fingers3731d ago

That's pretty cool, but at the same time, very poor in its application. Obviously the hard/software would have to come on quite a way to obtain decent results, but still, not bad seeing its using a cheap peripheral (cheap in terms of tech).

kudakadere3731d ago

for 2011 2 frames on apersonal hologram is good

Fishy Fingers3731d ago

This is running at 15fps, 2fps was soooo last year.

kneon3731d ago

But it's going to be a less complete image than the 16 camera approach. Now if you put together 3 kinect cameras spaced 120 degrees apart you should be able to capture a full 360 degree image. You could manage with just 2 but it won't work quite as well.

wwm0nkey3731d ago

Pretty cool, but I wish MS would try my idea that can work.

Take 6 kinects or Kienct like device, set them so they do interferer with eachother.Have a 3D hologram projector display images and BAM you pretty much have a holo deck.

I am aware this would cost an ass ton but it is 100% possible to do.

DJMarty3731d ago

Holographic, LOL. Looked like a red mess on a screen. Kinects dire camera resolution will never produce descent holographics.

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The story is too old to be commented.