Re-Mastering Metal Gear Solid: A Wish List

The internet is a-buzz this week with rumors of a remastered Metal Gear Solid pack featuring the first three games of the series, currently in the works for the PlayStation 3. With this is mind, I decided to lay out what I would love to see from this re-mastery of a pack of masterful games. Some of these wishes may be outlandish while some are completely practical.

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fonzii4266d ago

Trophies would be sooooo good! I personally thought Raiden wasn't such a bad thing in Sons of Liberty, especially since they made him so much more badass in mgs4, but it's an interesting idea to play SoL through Snake the whole time.

Snarkasaur4266d ago

Yeah I would agree with that. Cyborg-ing him helped.

the_best_player4266d ago

Trophies are not really needed, play the game for fun :P

tigresa4266d ago

Trophy support for MGS4 is long overdue, and they should just do it to show they care. But the biggest point you bring that would change my life (and many other gamers’) the most would be bringing Peace Walker to the collection being remastered. My PSP broke ages ago, and I will not rebuy it just for one game, as great as it probably is. It would be just that much more successful and renowned if more people got to experience it on their PS3.

Nice (mostly plausible) wishlist. :D

BryanBegins4266d ago

The lack of trophy support for MGS4 is another sign of the stubborness of the Japanese developpers. They simply refuse to listen to what western people want. I'm always amazed by that. No wonder we don't see any Japanese games as a GOTY contender anymore.

Biggest4266d ago

That isn't true. Countless Japanese games have tried to make their games more appealing to western audiences. All they received for their effort was lower sales totals and bad reviews. Listening to western gamers is bound to turn every game into an open world Call of Duty clone with big muscles and plasma cannons with free DLC for their pirated copy of the game.

BryanBegins4266d ago

Name them then! I'm sorry but for me, this generation, I see Japanese developpers are the guys stuck in the past: bad online modes, outdates controls (Resident Evil 5 for instance), etc. On top of that, they just don't listen or look at what the competition is doing. Just look at Final Fantasy or GT5 (not saying it is a bad game, but you have to admit that some of the choices made by PD just show they are stubborn and don't wan to adapt).

Let's just look at Sony's first party games: if it wasn't for the studios in Europe or North America, Sony would have a very weak line-up of exclusives.

Kreyg4266d ago

All I will say if they do this is


Invadersims4266d ago

I'm just excited that this series is getting an HD makeover. I really thought it would be sooner than this though.

N4GAddict4266d ago

I want MGO from Subsistence

Arnagrim4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

I love MGO so much.
I never played MGO1, but MGO2 from MGS4 is probably the only online game I've been able to play consistently for a few years. Unfortunately it also has the worst community I've seen in an online game and the glitchers and poor servers are beginning to kill it for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.